Spagvemberfest 2022 - the legend continues

We are just days away from the almighty Spagvemberfest so freshen up your knowledge, read up on the legendary movie month here: The What? Why? and How? of SpagvemberFest!

Been saving all my recent SW purchases specifically for the upcoming Fest. I’m planning on no burnout this year.

The What? Why? and How? of SpagvemberFest!
Spagvemberfest 2021
His Name Was Pot … But They Called Him Allegria / Il suo nome era Pot … ma … lo chiamavano Allegria (Demofilo Fidani, Lucio Giachin, 1971)
An Animal Called Man / Un animale chiamato uomo (Roberto Mauri, 1972)
Carambola (Ferdinando Baldi, 1974)
Crazy Bunch / Di Tresette ce n'e uno / Carnimeo 73
Return of Halleluja / Il West ti va stretto, amico … è arrivato Alleluja (Giuliano Carnimeo, 1972)
El Bandido Malpelo / Il lungo giorno della violenza (Giuseppe Maria Scotese, 1971)
The Man Called Invincible / Lo chiamavano Tresette... giocava sempre col morto (Giuliano Carnimeo, 1973)
Rita of the West / Little Rita nel West (Ferdinando Baldi, 1967)
Pecos Cleans Up / Pecos è qui: prega e muori! (Maurizio Lucidi, 1967)
Challenge of the McKennas / Un dólar y una tumba / La sfida dei MacKenna (León Klimovsky, 1970)
Too Much Gold for One Gringo / La caza del oro / Lo credevano uno stinco di santo (Juan Bosch, 1972)
Dallas / Il mio nome è Scopone e faccio sempre cappotto (Juan Bosch, 1975)
The Great Chihuahua Treasure Hunt / Monta in sella, figlio di …! (Tonino Ricci, 1972)
In the Name of the Father, of the Son and of the Colt / In nome del padre, del figlio e della Colt (Mario Bianchi, 1975)
Alive or Preferably Dead / Vivi o preferibilmente morti (Duccio Tessari, 1969)
I Came, I Saw, I Shot / I tre che sconvolsero il West (Enzo G. Castellari, 1968)
The Revenge of the Resurrected / Un dólar de recompensa / La preda e l'avvoltoio (Rafael Romero Marchent, 1972)
Red Blood, Yellow Gold / Professionisti per un massacro (Nando Cicero, 1967)
A Man Called Amen / Either All or None / O tutto o niente (Guido Zurli, 1968)
Lola Colt (Siro Marcellini, 1967)
Anything for a Friend / Amico mio … frega tu che frego io (Demofilo Fidani, 1973)
Shadow of Sartana … Shadow of Your Death / Passa Sartana … è l’ombra della tua morte (Demofilo Fidani, 1969)
Fat Brothers of Trinity / Ninguno de los tres se llamaba Trinidad (Pedro Luis Ramí­rez, 1973)
Finders Killers / Se t’incontro, t’ammazzo (Gianni Crea, 1971)
The Long Day of the Massacre / Il lungo giorno del massacro (Alberto Cardone, 1968)
Raise Your Hands, Dead Man, You’re Under Arrest / Un dólar para Sartana / Su le mani, cadavere! Sei in arresto (Sergio Bergonzelli / León Klimovsky, 1971)
Once Upon a Time in the Wild, Wild West / C'era una volta questo pazzo, pazzo, pazzo West (1973, Vincenzo Matassi)
SWDb October 2022 recap
Chapaqua’s Gold / L’oro dei Bravados (Giancarlo Romitelli, 1970)
The White, the Yellow, and the Black / Il bianco, il giallo, il nero (Sergio Corbucci, 1975)
Quinto: Fighting Proud / El valor de un cobarde / Quinto: non ammazzare (León Klimovsky, 1969)
Hallelujah and Sartana Strike Again! / Alleluja e Sartana figli di … Dio (Mario Siciliano, 1972)
Rattler Kid / Un hombre vino a matar / L’uomo venuto per uccidere (León Klimovsky, 1967)
The Belle Starr Story / Il mio corpo per un poker (Lina Wertmüller, 1968)

I’ve already got my watches planned out. 30 first time watches for me :+1:


I am kicking off the month with EM’s new release of The Dirty Outlaws!!!


Same for me. Will be sticking to all my unopened Blurays from the past year for the most part


I am on vacay for most of November but I will squeeze some in…

Ok , Sebastian… Hope you enjoy you vacation,anywhere special outside Germany or whatnot? Well I’m in this year …starting November 1st I presume. Yes will try my best for everyday in November. Have a good weekend Amigo.:wave:. Ps…Do you know when The spaghetti western PODCAST is coming back ? Please let me know ASAP…thanks :+1: seb.

Also now considering mixing up my Spagvemberfest titles by watching all Lee Van Cleef films and then finishing off with other new Blurays


I am compiling a list of movies that I have access to that do not have reviews on the site. So, I think I will begin by watching or re-watching these so that I can write reviews as time permits. In short, I am most likely going to be subjecting myself to a bunch of stinkers early on. Last year’s exhausting marathon just wasn’t painful enough for me so I am going to up the torture factor this year. :rofl:

I realize my “to watch” pile is actually enough for the fest, but I don’t have much time before it, and upon returning from my vacation will only have a few days… I will see what I can do :slight_smile:
the fest is upon us, fellas

I’ve got my 30 picked for this year. No theme as such, but I’m going to randomise my choices. Every year thus far, I’ve not just thought about which films I’m going to watch, I’ve put considerable thought into which film I’m going to watch on which specific day. As you can imagine, this leads to a lot of hand-wringing over which spag feels most like a second-Saturday spag, or which spags have most got that Monday Night vibe, or which spag feels like an ideal opener this year, or which spag needs to close my 'Fest out on the thirtieth, et cetera.

Well, not this year. This year, planning be damned! I’ve listed my 30 spags alphabetically, and numbered them accordingly. Next, it’s a trip to Tesco to pick up 30 ping pong balls which I’ll number and stuff into a sack. Then, every night I’ll have a “Draw At Sundown” to determine what I’m watching. Maybe I’ll get mrs.caress to give my ball-sack a vigorous jiggle before I knock one out each evening. Ooh, matron!


I’ve also put The Savage Pampas in amongst my picks this year. I know it’s not a spag really but bumholes to it. Maybe next year I’ll theme my SpagvemberFest entirely with movies that feel kind-of spaggy for one reason or another without them actually being spags at all. The Savage Pampas, Man, Pride and Vengeance, an episode or two of The Mandalorian etc etc

which version? I now have the German UHD and the French Blu here and I am thinking of watching them both :))

I’ve got the Busch Media Group blu from 2016. Die Verfluchten der Pampas. :+1:

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If I had the time and equipment, I would love to do a shot by shot comparison for but thre is a chance that the differences may not be as substantial as I am imagining

Do whatever feels right for you Asa, that’s usually the best way. A little too much information and image creation at the end though :blush: :exploding_head:


Anyone took care of these? I might do something similar to the ones made last year.

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I’ve been putting some stuff on a pile list as well. Although I don’t believe I’ll be able to watch a movie per day as done in the previous years. Most of the stuff on it are lesser know movies, some Zorros and german westerns are listed. I don’t expect roses. Still, I’ll be joining the marathon.

The ones you did last year were phenomenal.

Alright folks, just a few days out :slight_smile: I need some graphics for social media and the newsletter to advertise this, who can make one?

Edit: @p.pereira sent me one… stay tuned

Heres my current watchlist for Spagvember 2022. I’m a lot more busy these days so my goal is to get through atleast 20, although I’m gonna try my best to do all 30.

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