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Thanks, found the problem and was able to solve it. Can you check again?

Fixed :+1:

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I like to watch La Lunga cavalcata della vendetta (Deadly Trackers) and then write a review.

… and it’s great, made me really curious about the movie Deadly Trackers review - The Spaghetti Western Database

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Thanks for the compliment! And thanks for releasing my first SWDb review so quickly. It looks great!

Did there used to be a ratings poll at the top of each spag’s forum page at some time in the past? I 've seen people mention something of the sort in very old posts. I think that would be something interesting to have included on each film’s page, where members can leave their rating and an overall consensus could be displayed. Thoughts?

Yes there were but they were gone during some past update. The problem with those polls were that some member(s) -you know who- made several accounts to manipulate the vote results for his likings.

I like the idea of a poll but to prevent manipulation I’d suggest to give voting rights just to certain people, staff members or otherwise regular users.

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We could limit it to a certain trust level. But even trustworthy folks often don’t reach these due to lack of activity

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Ah, that’s interesting to know. I had often wondered about that as I’d seen it mentioned before. I like the thought of it too, but I can totally see how that could be an issue with manipulation. It would be a nice thing to include otherwise.

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Would this be feasible to implement, @Admin ?

well we could try allowing this only for certain trust level… let me look into this

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so it is already allowed (or shall I say limited) from TL1 on… Not everyone who registeres immediately makes that jump. While it is possible to create a few accounts and push them to TL1, it’s probably too much work just to manipulate a few polls, which, have no real relevance other than information for us in the community. So we could re-add polls to each first post of a movie thread, along with a picture of the movie and link to the database page, where that doesn’t already exist - to make the entry point into these discussions a bit more interesting… but that would require a lot of handy work :stuck_out_tongue:


That sounds good to me. We could try it out on a couple at first to see if it is worthwhile, maybe? I would be happy to lend a hand if you think I might be able to help.

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are there any film discussion topics that you started? probably you cant insert polls into other people’s posts, but on your own you could

I’ve only done the Cry Macho one, doesn’t look like there is an option to edit it though.

there should be three dots somewhere if you click it, additional tools fold out, one of them a pencil icon… at least theoretically you should be able to edit your own posts

Yeah, I was looking for the pencil but its not there. Maybe because its from a couple of months ago?

ok try again now, I removed the editing time limit for higher trust levels

@Admin like all the little icons you’ve been adding, they’re quite helpful. :ok_hand:

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Polls are making a return. The first post on topic threads for those in the database’s official top 20 have now been edited. As well as providing a little light-hearted fun for us opinionated lot this can also be helpful to newer members looking for a quick visual representation on how well thought of a certain film is (considering how many experts we have on here :wink:.)

In general, the posts have been tidied up a bit, given a poster picture, fixed/added links to @Carlos & @Admin 's fancy new 3.0 database pages, and removed broken links, while respecting the original user’s initial post in a section to itself at the very beginning.

I wanted to get the top 20 done as a starting point after we tried out a couple of testers in Hannie Caulder and Cry Macho, the rest will come here and there, slowly but surely. Check them out if you haven’t already done so, hopefully they should all be working correctly. Let us know if there are any issues also.

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