SWDb General Maintenance: Corrections, Maintenance and Development [Feedback and Requests]

The general purpose of this thread is to inform the SWDb staff and wider community of any existing issues with the database as well as to share general thoughts with regard to the further development of the site.

If you’ve come across some faulty links, underdeveloped database entries or some other inconveniences, post links here so that people working on the database are made aware of that and can get on it in due time. If you have any friendly tips or requests, share those as well.

I think most movies from our Top 50 have sufficiently developed Pictures sections now, I’ve been working on them mostly and have recently uploaded a bunch of posters with some high resolution duplicates for a better viewing/browsing experience and so forth, now they feel complete for the most part. I’m planning on continuing the renovation of the next 50 spag sites some time down the road, can’t exactly say when.

There is still a fair number of movies (and some of them are not that obscure) that lack their dedicated database reviews, definitely:

There is definitely more than that, but it’s a good start.

I find a lot of movies picture collections do however have very low resolution images, and should steadily be replaced. Also there are so many more posters and lobby cards out there, we sometimes are only scratching the surface :slight_smile:

Thanks @Mickey13 for taking the initiative. And yes, to all and everyone, please do report anything and everything that rubs you the wrong way in the SWDb, tell us about or send us info, corrections, images, links to external articles, and so on and so forth. We aim to improve the SWDb drastically for everyone, and we count on … YOU :slight_smile:

I agree, this is why I’ve already uploaded a bunch of high resolution duplicates, as the old images look quite crappy. BTW, if there are any concrete Pictures sections you (or anybody else for that matter) wish were revamped, post their links here and I will get back to them sooner or later. And this is exactly why a thread like that is needed, it drastically reduces the amount of time you have to dedicate to browsing the forum in search of things to fix, so it’s a lot more productive and less time consuming.

Spagvemberfest and all that. Besides, I’ve noticed an absurd outpouring of new posters in high resolution and I just couldn’t resist the urge.

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Yes, there were so many uploaded here, that aren’t even in the database :slight_smile:

This is the draft @WinslowLeach magically created, it looks awesome. Feedback?


Very nice. :+1: