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I have been a fan of Letterboxd for many years now and I am a paying patron member. I can’t live without it, I need it daily and it both supports and fuels my cineaste compulsions. I use it to track my viewing, find recommendations and dive deeper into the rabbit hole that is my endlessly growing pile of movies I want to see before I die (I won’t… see them all I mean, I will certainly die at some point).

Like some of its competitors, one of the best things LB has to offer are curated lists you can use to work towards certain goals. The SWDb’s Top 20 has always been up there for you to track your progress (example). Starting this week, the SWDb has one of LB’s new HQ accounts. These are a bit different from regular user accounts and geared more towards brands, websites, institutions or theater chains for example.

If you’re on LB, check out and follow the SWDb there. Here are some of the things I want to bring to the SWDb’s official Letterboxd HQ account: official versions of all our curated lists, interviews and original articles, highlight movies and retrospectives, curiosities and “story behind the picture” articles (e.g. behind the scenes, lobby cards etc). More ideas are welcome.

If you’re one of our editors, moderators, contributors or other direct or associated staff, please drop me a personal message with your LB username so I can add you as “team member” to our HQ page (comes with no ramifications, just for show).

What else? We have been hard at work revamping all the movie pages in the SWDb and at the top of each of those pages we are adding direct links to these films’ LB entries as well, to make it easier for you to find these.
As you can see, SWDb :heart: Letterboxd :slight_smile: Stay tune while we keep pimping our HQ page…


Didn’t even know HQ accounts were a thing, that’s fab. I’ve given the account a follow :+1:

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We keep tweaking that account page, now moving on to coming up with some original and possibly exclusive content for it :slight_smile: Stay tuned

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Love LB. Can’t start a movie without a quick search on it.

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100 followers :slight_smile:

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Just got another one from me, just created an account… looks like you’re now at 107!


Here’s my Letterboxd-exclusive interview with Eugenio Ercolani, enjoy


Great stuff mate

Great idea. Less and less people go out of their way to frequent the old forums these days, this is a great way to keep people involved with the site.

Follower count is growing, as I am prepping for some more interesting stuff. I am absolutely open to suggestions, so if any of you have an idea of what to post there or something you want to contribute yourself, please let me know


I think it may be a good idea to put some of the database reviews on Letterboxd (with the reviewers permission and credit of course). I think this would be really good for the lesser known spags that only have a handful of reviews on Letterboxd. :+1: