July 2023 recap

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In July we have seen the long awaited Blood Money box set from Arrow Video, see also links at the end of this newsletter. The rest are mostly re-releases and minor additions.

In August, there’ll be a new UK release of A Reason to Live, a Reason to Die (we’ll have some more details soon), a French release of the Hellbenders, in Germany the MacGregors will make their HD debut (finally!) and new label Malombra films has Fulci riding in on The Road to Fort Alamo.

All in all, our calendar is slowly extending into late summer… stay tuned!
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:church: Obituaries

Our head of obits, the spaghettiologist @Tom_B had to update the boot hill cemetery with an unfortuante 3 new obituaries over the course of the last four weeks.
:arrow_right: Check out “Cemetery with crosses”

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Oh dear, there’s some barrel-scraping going on with some of those new releases.
DER TIGER VOM KWAI is probably one of the worst Spaghetti Western/Kung Fu crossovers. The Kung Fu expert is bloody useless.

I never liked A REASON TO LIVE A REASON TO DIE. I saw it at the cinema and thought it was monumentally dull

ROY COLT AND WINCHESTER JACK was a big disappointment. It’s only worth watching to see Marilu Tolo’s nipples covered with white sticking plaster. I mean, I’m sure we could all draw her nipples from memory anyway.

I don’t understand SAVAGE PAMPAS coming out now as a DVD. It’s probably three years ago since it came out on BluRay from a 4K master of the 70mm print. It’s German and the title is VERFLUCHTEN DER PAMPAS, from BUSCH media group.
It has English Audio. I absolutely love this film. I subtitled a really bad DVD version once, I liked it that much.