Wild East Productions


The wild east release of California is worth every penny!!!


Just found a copy on eBay, couldn’t resist…


They should still have them on wild east website. I bought two, one for a coworkers husband and one for myself. I brag about spaghetti westerns to my coworkers and the ones I work directly with know of my love for them. My one coworkers husband enjoyed the wild bunch as well as many of East woods films and so I suggested one silver dollar. He loved it and I promised them I’d get them California should a good find a proper U.S. release. I was so glad wild east released it. Thank you wild east.


I was really impressed with the audio and picture quality


Since I’m in the UK it’s always a good idea to check for pre-imported copies on eBay first, much quicker :slight_smile:


That’s an excellent idea.

(Sebastian) #2048

Black Jack & The Belle Starr story are number 59



A Robert Woods double feature from them is long overdue!

El Puro is the elephant in the room but this is great :slight_smile:

(The Man With a Name) #2050

Fantastic news! :smiley:


This is great timing because I was mulling over buying the new Endless Classics (Alive) DVD of Belle Starr, which has no English options, just to see this one at all.

(Phil H) #2052

Will be very interested to see the picture quality for both of these. Good news

(carlos) #2053

Now up for pre-order :yum:

(Spuff vermon) #2054

Been a few years sense I’ve been around, may join up in the conversation again. Just wondering if we are still spliting hairs over distribution right?

(Sebastian) #2055

Welcome back :slight_smile:

(Spuff vermon) #2056

Yeah cheers glad to see your still rocking this thing. I’ve laid off buying spags but it’s high time to return. Save me research here, what w.e.s are out of print? vol 51 and up


I’m pretty sure vols 51-58 are all still available.

(carlos) #2058

Both prints look nice. Black Jack is in 4:3.

(Sebastian) #2059

4:3 as in open matte or a chopped TV version?

And also listed on Amazon.com now:

(Jonny Powers) #2060

I just checked, the film runs at an hour and 38 minutes. How would konw tell if it’s open matte or a TV version?

(Stanton) #2061

The first pic with the title looks very well like Open Matte.

I think all releases of Black Jack so far were Open Matte.