Wild East Productions

(Søren) #2062

What the… A copy of A Fistful of Trailers apparently sold for $365 on ebay yesterday:

That is beyond insane :slight_smile:

(Asa) #2063

It was you, wasn’t it? I just know it was. :slight_smile:

(Søren) #2064

Haha. Then my personality is more split than I reckoned :slight_smile:

I owned the release at one time when I bought it off ebay for £20. Am not willing to pay much more than that for it today so it will only find it’s way back in my collection by pure luck. I am a completionist but really, $365 is insane. Also a copy went for a fraction of that not long ago.

(The Man With a Name) #2065

I did well getting it for £27 then! :astonished:


I’m surprised Cult Action haven’t copied this disc and flipped it up onto their site for that price.

(Jonny Powers) #2067

Wow! I grabbed mine for $50 a long while back, never thought someone would actually pay those prices for it

(kevenz) #2068

I wonder what their next title is going to be… hopefully they will release a proper version of El Puro someday.

(Sebastian) #2069

Eric Mache announced a new release, I added it to the database: a 122 minute English language version of LONG DAYS OF VENGEANCE in a Giuliano Gemma double feature with Erik the Viking


Finally I can replace my Cult Action DVD.

(The Man With a Name) #2071

Why is it included as part of the spaghetti western collection when the other film isn’t a western?

(Sebastian) #2072

because the main movie is one :slight_smile: and they often do that as you can see in the collection. It’s a Gemma double bill

(morgan) #2073

That is real good news!

(Søren) #2074

Actually they have never done that before :slight_smile:

There have been two previous examples of double features where only one movie was a spaghetti western and neither have been part of the “spaghetti western collection”. They probably should have though.

(Sebastian) #2075

example: https://www.spaghetti-western.net/index.php/Dos_hombres_van_a_morir/DVD

(Søren) #2076

Yep and that’s not part of The Spaghetti Western Collection :slight_smile:

It has been released by Wild East but is not part of the collection. Check the overview you yourself made:


WE027 is #23 and WE029 is #24 … The above is WE028 and is not included.

(Sebastian) #2077

you little nitpicker you :stuck_out_tongue:


Erik does make it all the way to North American and falls for an ‘Indian’ Princess … so, in a way it is a really very early SW ! LOL :sweat_smile:

Just glad to see a complete version of ‘Long Days of Vengeance’, and couldn’t give a shit about the other film … Think of it as a bonus feature if you’re going to be so anal about your DVD filing system. FFS ! :crazy_face:

(Søren) #2079

Ah not fair :slight_smile: The_Man_With_a_Name started the damn thing :slight_smile:

(The Man With a Name) #2080

I’m a nitpicker, too :smiley: Although I’m really happy to see Long Days of Vengeance get released.

(Søren) #2081

Me too. Ah actually I’m not a nitpicker in this particular case :slight_smile: I have my Wild East releases in release number order so the spaghetti western collections ones are intertwined with the non-swc’s.

I only wish that Wild East would change to releasing blu-rays instead of dvds and one point but that is probably never going to happen.