Wild East Productions


They produce releases of rare Spaghetti Westerns (Region 0 NTSC). Check out their website.

UPDATE: our new Wild East catalog page https://www.spaghetti-western.net/index.php/Wild_East_DVD_catalog

I own ARIZONA COLT, PISTOLEROS, JOHNNY YUMA + BETWEEN GOD… and DAY OF ANGER, and are all outstanding works, except between god… the worst of all, however came with JOHNNY YUMA and deserves a view, it’s a rare and average sw.

they are quite expensive though i think. 20 bucks quite a lot…

Maybe so, but who loves SW have always this problem, i bought mine in europe in cinecity, and yes some are quite expensive… i agree

they are all R1?


I own Day Of Anger (bought from Cine City) and it’s a really great DVD.
It has some good extras and the sound and picture quality are excellent.

I hope to buy all their stuff if I can.

Anyway to het Day Of Anger UK edition?

does one exist? i dont think so

I was lookingmfor it on amazon, d everywhere. It appears as if it dosnt exist.

certainly seems so. only by Wild East and maybe in Japan or Italy

I’m really impressed with the Wild East Productions dvds that I have. Johnny Yuma is a great film (and I actually really enjoyed Between God the Devil and the Winchester as well).

I recommend that we really support what these guys are doing.

It’s a region free DVD so it’s suitable for everyone. Just go to www.cinecityplanet.com that’s where I bought it. I live in the UK by the way. It really is a “must buy” DVD.

Oh and you’ll have to be quick to buy Day Of Anger as it has sold out on the Wild East website.

Is it the definitive edistion one thats multi?

Yup, that’s the one.

Any info on a Beyond the Law restoration, that’s another LVC film I’d like to see.

I’ve heard that Wild east is going to release Beyond the law as a double feature with Grand duel.

good news

I kind of doubt we’ll se much more of Wild East (maybe some but not that much) because Bruckner, who seems to be one of the guys running it, is the CEO of Koch Media’s home video branch and he’s putting out astounding DVDs from there…