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Also welcome @hlim431 !

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Welcome :+1:

Greetings Lagos,
Very interesting to hear your response to SWs, because I’m sure many of us who grew up with them wonder how much of our enthusiasm is nostalgic. Nice to know how you picked up on the unique atmosphere, because that does seem to be what sets them apart. The best of them have a kind of lyrical quality created by the synthesis of music and visuals which you rarely get in other genres. I think Laurence Staig got it right with his title Italian Western: The Opera of Violence. Their operatic aesthetic can make other plot and technical deficiencies rather irrelevant.

Hi I’m Andreas, nice to be here!


Welcome Andreas, there’s plenty of cool stuff to see and read.

Welcome Andreas - I see u are AFFODynamite fan:cowboy_hat_face:

Greetings everyone, glad to be a part of this community. Been enjoying the site for ten years … thought it high time to saddle-up and participate and join in on occasion - I’m plenty opinionated, and have plentiful respect for the opinions of others. Luckily, thanks to DVD/Blu-ray releases, and enough disposable income, I’ve had the chance to watch most of the films discussed on here. It.s maybe a little crazy how much I enjoy many of these - I think it’s the escapism of the genre that attracts me most strongly … love the crazy violence, incredibly rugged landscapes, beautiful horses and women (though there could be more women/female nudity … a little more sex to go along with the violence, IMO.) :sunglasses:

Much fine writing here that I’ve enjoyed for years. I like the Top 20 lists - my own would differ quite a bit. I’ve found some universally - praised films to be a bore, or at least hugely overrated. And, derided or little-mentioned works have often pleased me mightily. I’m bound to express some controversial opinions from time to time, but they’ll be honest, and not intended to inflame or annoy - just looking for good discussions, or an interesting insight that might - conceivably. - change my view on something or the other.

I salute all those who have contributed to this remarkable site - a welcome respite from everyday worries … like a full canteen found unexpectedly on a desert trail.


That would be interesting I think to hear more about !

welcome on board, thomas! first round is on me

Thank you most kindly.

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