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Spaghetti what??

Haha, nah it’s good to be here. Hopefully this forum will prosper

I hope so, too. And I’ll do my best to achieve that. But lets not forget this is just an add-on to the main page. And THAT i really want to have success .-)

ayay 8)

ah… look who’s here! howdy gringos!

Aiight, let’s do this

:slight_smile: Anybody care to trade SW soundtracks? I got quite a few…

ah you joined! welcome!

Ah sweet ANGEL EYES, whaddya got? And do you have any vinyl? :o[flash=200,200][/flash][move][/move]

Good to be here in Spaghetti Western land! I hope to see many more of these great films.

lots of stuff coming out on dvd (especially in germany)… so there’s enough money to be spent :slight_smile:

Howdy folks !! nice place u got here… :). I am from india and a huge fan of spaghetti westerns…umm actually all the westerns but leone is my fave director and his kind of movies are what keep me glued on to them…Any comments on how u guys liked “Open Range” ?? yeah i know its not a spaghetti but i think its the best western in a long long time probably the best since “Unforgiven”…but thats my opinion

I loved Open Range. I got it on DVD (fantastic sound and extras!!) and I would not wanna give it away. Such a realistic and cool film with lotsa heart.

Unforgiven is also fantastic. Although I don’t think it’s Eastwood’s best. I loved Pale Rider and I admire High Plains Drifter which is as spaghetti as an american western can get.

welcome 'aboard !

Thanx for having me, “Open Range”, yeah i have it on DVD too…love those extras and ofcourse the deleted scenes…Sebastian i went through your DVD list, Are all these movies in english ?? i hope they come with english subtitles atleast , yeah i could have researched for them on amazon but i am kind of lazy right now :stuck_out_tongue:

i am working on the list of german dvds with english audio/subtitles. check out the topic in the DVD section, it’s still under construction though

Here is my collection:-
For a few dollars more - Expanded Edition
TGTBATU - Extended Version
Il Mercenario
Indio Black
Corri Uomo Corri
Faccia A Faccia - Extended Edition
La Resa Dei Conti
Da Uomo A Uomo
West Goes Pop - Cinevox Collection (Sabata,Django,Texas Adios,Il 4 Dell’Apocalisse etc).

Hello everybody,

Im LetsGoToWork1, I tried to register with my tarantino name LetsGoToWork but somehow the registration email wont be send to my email account.

Im seeing a lot of tarantino posters, so it already feels a bit like home. Anyway its good to be here :slight_smile:

sorry that it didnt work… but now you’re here! welcome aboard

Amigos, my first post…I will sneak around and see if I can provide some info and comments, seems like a great place ;D

All the best from Sweden.

[move]Wow, this was fun, next time I will post my entire post like this ;D[/move]