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it should switch to dark automatically if your phone is dark (in theory).

As a matter of fact, it does. I was on my laptop when I wrote my prior post.

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What about Paul L. Smith and Bud Spencer? They look alike as well.

It’s nice, less harsh on your eyes. Even in the day I’m enjoying using it. Good addition! :+1:

I was just browsing through the cast list of ‘The Good, the Bad and the Ugly’, to see if it had been updated recently, and I found this … a certain, Philip Ettington has added his name to the IMDB cast list along with a bunch of other very famous productions from all over the world.

The guy claims to be born June 4th 1966

I’ve seen this type of bogus stuff on IMDB before … it’s no doubt intended as a joke or even a prank, but it seems crazy that anyone can join IMDB and fill it up with this kind of crap … What a Tosser !

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that is no secret though. it’s not as anarchic as the wikipedia, but then again there is much less transparent peer review. that’s why i’d never completely trust it, and or spaghetti western related info, the SWDb is a much better source anyway :))

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