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it should switch to dark automatically if your phone is dark (in theory).

As a matter of fact, it does. I was on my laptop when I wrote my prior post.

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What about Paul L. Smith and Bud Spencer? They look alike as well.

It’s nice, less harsh on your eyes. Even in the day I’m enjoying using it. Good addition! :+1:

I was just browsing through the cast list of ‘The Good, the Bad and the Ugly’, to see if it had been updated recently, and I found this … a certain, Philip Ettington has added his name to the IMDB cast list along with a bunch of other very famous productions from all over the world.

The guy claims to be born June 4th 1966

I’ve seen this type of bogus stuff on IMDB before … it’s no doubt intended as a joke or even a prank, but it seems crazy that anyone can join IMDB and fill it up with this kind of crap … What a Tosser !

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that is no secret though. it’s not as anarchic as the wikipedia, but then again there is much less transparent peer review. that’s why i’d never completely trust it, and or spaghetti western related info, the SWDb is a much better source anyway :))

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My goal is to watch all the movies from the Top 150 list.
I’ve bought quite a lot of dvd’s and I’ve watched a lot on You Tube.
But some movies aren’t available on You Tube or on dvd (some are available, but not with english audio). Or they are very expensive.
So how can I watch these movies?
For example: Dead Men Ride, Taste of Death, Taste of Violence, Nest of Vipers.
Has anybody an idea? I read something about Rarelust. Is that a good option?

Rarelust is a fantastic site for hard to find spags. Just a great site for finding rare movies as a whole!


Sounds like a good resource, much obliged @Max.

Taste of Violence was on Amazon prime (at least here in The UK)…not sure if it still is but that’s how I watched it a few years back. Think it was French audio with English subs.

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Interesting article

For those wanting to “talk whatever” in the chat, see you in the Saloon

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My Facebook journey has gotten even more exciting today Amigos and Amigas, Simone Blondell/Simona Vitelli just accepted my friend request. Thankfully Facebook translates everything so I can chat with her

Is it my imagination or is old Italian cinema really starting to gain more attention, at least here in the U.S.? I am noticing more and more Italian films showing up on my apps on my Roku. Recently, when I went to the Tubi app, I started scrolling down through the various genres (Romance, Drama, Western, Action, etc.) when I saw that they had added “Italian Horror & Giallo” as an option. The Kino app does as well but that’s a bit less surprising. As far as television is concerned, more channels are starting to show Spags., and not just the usual Leone films. Just in the past couple of weeks, I have seen Valerii, Petroni, and even the great Fidani (:laughing:) on regular TV. A couple of weeks ago (maybe longer), another channel did a double feature of Django and The Great Silence.

The same goes for horror as well. There is a syndicated weekly program over here that shows horror movies and they have really upped up the number of Italian films they show over the past several months. Recently, they showed Lady Frankenstein albeit with a lot of blurring out going on. :wink:

Obviously I can’t speak for my friends in other countries, but we have never had this many easy to access options to watch Italian cinema before in the U.S. I am wondering if it is that with more and more options for the viewing consumer surfacing all the time that those providing the content are scrambling to find material to provide. What greater source for relatively unseen westerns, mysteries, horror, and crime thrillers can there be than Italy?

Just something I am pondering on a quiet Sunday morning.


That’s great news … here in the British Isles, movies4men used to show a lot of B Spags, but since they’ve renamed themselves ‘Great Movies Action’, they aren’t making any effort … maybe once a year something interesting turns up, but it’s mostly endless repeats of Van Damme and Steven Seagal plop … The channel is owned by Sony, and seems to be a way of selling advertising space rather than a dedicated niche programmer … lots of filler, like episodes of M.A.S.H, which is hardly Action … Booooo ! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Could be @LankyGringo, I actually only first became aware of the genre myself thanks to the thread on here. so might be that word is getting around on them.

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I don’t have any streaming services so I don’t know if the popularity of Italian cinema has started to grow here in Finland.

On TV, Spaghetti westerns are shown a few times a year. The Dollars trilogy and OUATIW are on TV once or twice a year and one channel has “Western of the month”. They’re usually old American westerns (this month’s was High plains drifter) but there have been spaghs too, for example Death Rides a Horse, Trinity is still my name and Cemetery without crosses. If there’s a western on tv in Finland, it’s usually a modern American western like In a valley of violence and the same movies are recycled over and over again, which gets a little boring after a while. It would be refreshing to see a western that hasn’t already been on tv.

About other Italian movies I’m not so sure. I guess there are some Italian films on tv sometimes but they aren’t giallos or anything like that, but rather drama movies from 1990s or something newer.


I noticed that Svenska Yle showed it some time ago (Don’t know if the same content air on both Finnish and Swedish-language TV), but unfortunately it had expired when I saw it (and it’s probably not accessible from my side of the Baltic Sea). It seems then that Yle beats SVT on that issue, for the only westerns which air here - with extremely rare exceptions - are American ones and the mainstream SW canon - that is, The Dollars Trilogy and Terence Hill comedies.


Yeah, the Swedish/Yle Teema tv channel is the one that has The Western of the Month thingy. But the last time I remember them showing Death Rides a Horse was some years ago so there are some differences

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