UK TV ticker - spaghetti westerns on television

First of all, remember the clocks go forward tonight…

I’ve never seen this so I don’t know if it’s any good…

They’re showing ‘The Quick & The Dead’ on C4 @ 12.55 am (BST)

They’re showing ‘Johnny Guitar’ on C4 @ 4.05 am (BST) - good film.

Could you try to put those dates in the TV Ticker? TV Ticker - The Spaghetti Western Database


Sorry, I thought the TV Ticker was for spaghettis only - I know now for future reference…

Actually yes, but the ticker is not that big so that some more films (non-italian-western) are ok, I believe.

No prob, Ming. Thanks for joining and helping us.

I don’t have sky but I saw an ad promoting they are having the biggest western season ever on UK TV starting this week on Sky Classic Movies. Is there someone from the UK here who has access to sky who could add the line up to the TV Ticker?

Tonight on UK Channel 41, LEGEND (formerly Horror Channel) 21.00 hrs

‘The Man Called Noon’ (1973) … is a Spanish/Italian/English Western starring Richard Crenna as the eponymous character and Stephen Boyd as his ‘pardner’.

Not a classic, but worth a look if you’re an Almeria desert location junkie like me.


‘Great Movies Action’ (on UK freeview) has been showing A Bullet for the General on an almost weekly basis since at least the past 2 or 3 years? In fact it’s on again this saturday! :laughing:

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Even longer … I was still recording TV with a VHS when this was on :wink: It’s a very Lo-Fi version and heavily cut … what is the thinking of showing this type of film during the day - ‘The Great Silence’ is also shown early in the morning, but the thumb shooting is gone, and probably most of the other graphic violent scenes. :melting_face:

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I remember movies4men shortening Silenzio’s death which resulted in terrible jump cuts in Morricone’s music.

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Great Movies Action show quite a few spaghetti fliks… Killer Calibre 32, 7 Dollars on the Red, Taste of Killing etc are repeated regularly


They’re on too often - for a while the new re-mastered ‘Sartanas’ were shown albeit in SD.
‘Dynamite Joe’, ‘Sartana Kills Them All’ (not an official Sartana film) ‘A Colt in the Hand of the Devil’, ‘Stranger in El Paso’ etc … and quite a few other odds and ends would show up.

It’s interesting that when ‘The Great Silence’ was screened, the TV guide gave it 1 out of 5 Stars … mind boggling!

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Yeah, Boot Hill and Ace High, too.

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These are beginning to come back to me now … M4M also showed ‘Day of Anger’, ‘The Price of Power’, ‘A Man Called Sledge’, ‘The Rattler Kid’, ‘Night of the Serpent’, ‘One Against One’ (Peter Lee Lawrence), ‘Anything for a Friend’, ‘Django Kills Softly’ … and quite a few of the Fidani masterpieces :wink: There were lots of others but that’s what comes to mind @ the moment

Just wish they go back to screening more Spags and less mega-crap !

TGTBATU is on ITV4 Sunday night in a double bill with High Plains Drifter. Curious to see what version they play these days as I can’t work it out via the schedule: It’s on for an hour with a 10 min break then plays for another 2 hours and 30? Did ITV find some lost 3 hour + version :thinking: :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually considering its ITV, its probably just 40 minutes worth of ads.

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Tonight @ 10:55 pm Freeview channel 41, Legend is screening ‘Hannie Caulder’ (1971) … I haven’t seen this on telly since the late 70’s … worth a ‘look see’ if you haven’t already …


I thought I had seen this movie in its entirety but I do not remember the part of the film where Raquel was wearing hot pants and an unbuttoned shirt. :thinking:


Must be from the director’s cut ??? :wink:


Tonight, … or rather, tomorrow 00.55 AM - 26th July 2023 - SKY ARTS Freeview UK Channel 12

Ennio: The Maestro’


As fascinating as much of the Ennio film is … the one really annoying aspect is Morricone himself, who seems to dislike much of his own work … that is, the stuff we all love.

Perhaps, as suggested by one contributor, that he suffered from an inferiority complex - and wasn’t supported by his musical peers, who snobbishly refused to accept music written for film as any real valid artistic expression. These people to me come across as the real villains of the piece.

I’d still highly recommend seeing this, even though it does seem to really just scratch the surface of his amazing creative output … and as I said lingers too much on the naysayers.