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its so fucking hot at humid here… a kingdom for a bucket full of ice and an AC

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I made a list on amazon called the top spaghetti westerns, i listed our top 20, excluding cemetary without crosses because amazon does not carry it.i mentioned the list was complied by this site and included the address.

good idea

What is your favorite tv show at the moment?

I hate t.v , unless its re-runs of The Andy Griffith Show or looney tunes.But i would like to see DEADWOOD.I wish they ran the Avengers and kung-fu, those i would watch.

The West Wing, although i’ve only seen season 1. fucking awesome

i don’t watch tv-series nowadays so often but I’ve been getting hooked on Lost recently. Carnivale is quite good too.

Don’t use so much bad language Sebastian :wink:

The tv series “Kung fu” is mostly boring I’m afraid!

I don’t watch much tv either, mostly news and documentaries.

Andy griffith was before my time but anyway six seasons are already out on dvd plus the seventh comes on next month If you feel like buying them.

It would be very cool If they would show Kung Fu.

what do you think the violence of movies will be like In 30 years?

30 years before bonnie and clyde and wild bunch were the ones that were too violent now there nothing.

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I think the violence is more realistic now,but i think movies were more violent in the 70’s.I dont think movies can get much more realilistic than they are now,as far as special effects.

i’m fuckin’ done! exams over!! YEAHAWWW gimme all your beerrrrrr!

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Well right now I want these:

El topo
bring me the head of alfredo garcia
I spit on your grave

I havent seen eraserhead but ive seen the rest.i didnt like “spit.”…have you seen it?

no I havnt seen any of those but Im dying to see them

Bring me the head of alfredo garcia

I spit on your grave[url]

Cant wait to see these, dont know when but I got to see them soon.

anybody else gonna see Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby?