SWDb April recap

Welcome back for the April 2021 newsletter from in and around the Spaghetti Western Database world this year, giving you and overview of what happened last month.

Background: For those who missed the announcement, we now post these recaps in the Newsletter category of our forums, which is set up so that everyone is watching that category for new topics by default (you can opt out of this using the “bell” icon :bell: at the top right corner of that category). So you should have been notified of this very announcement with the little notification dot in the forums itself - or via email :mailbox_with_mail:, if you weren’t currently logged in. This is our new :incoming_envelope: newsletter that ties more neatly into our community. Our separate purely email-based mailing list which we rarely make use of has been phased out.

:newspaper: NEW STUFF IN AND AROUND THE SWDB IN :spiral_calendar: APRil 2021:

  1. :film_strip: The SWDb needs YOU!
    As always: Please get in touch with us if you have better versions of posters, lobby cards, still images or other pictures material that we currently only offer in very small or bad quality. We are also always looking for reviews of films not reviewed yet, missing information, corrections to wrong information, director, writer or producer spotlight articles, information on soundtrack releases and so much more. The SWDb is what you make of it, please help us improve it, every bit helps!
    :arrow_right: Browse the pictures category
    :arrow_right: Ways to contribute
  1. :dvd: New and upcoming discs: April saw a handful of new releases, please regularly consult our release calendar to stay abreast with upcoming releases. We do update it regularly, sometimes several times a day! We always appreciate feedback and tips, so we can keep that list as up to date as possible. Please also check what’s coming in May and beyond, some very interesting titles hiding there that are worth pre-ordering, more are added whenever we hear rumors.
    :arrow_right: Highlight for April is of course the 4K UltraHD release of GBU. The Release is not only eagerly awaited because it reportedly fixes a lot of the color problems the label’s previous issues had (and because it offers the movie for the first time in 4K UltraHD format) but also because due to popular demand they decided to offer the theatrical cut!
    :arrow_right: Next month will see some more 4K, when Arrow releases Django (see more). Also, there’ll be some exciting Explosive Media releases (which had been postponed just a little).
    :arrow_right: And not to be outdone, just yesterday Arrow announced yet another amazing-sounding box set that we have added to the calendar as well.
    :calendar: Visit the SWDb home video release calendar

  2. :microphone: The shownotes for the great podcast that @Tom_B and @spaghetti_westerns are churning out every Friday 12pm PST are being continuously updated. You can watch all episodes of this great podcast in its archive on Facebook and Youtube, you’ll find the links and much more in our shownotes:
    :arrow_right: Click here to check out the show archive and show notes

  3. :funeral_urn: Our chief obit writer @Tom_B had to update the boot hill cemetery with 9 new obituaries, including that of the legendary Monte Hellman.
    :arrow_right: Check out “Cemetery with crosses”

  4. :balance_scale: There were three new reviews posted. Please contact us: we are always looking for more reviews, especially of those spaghetti westerns where the SWDb doesn’t have them yet. And we welcome reviews of all lengths and in all languages!
    :arrow_right: Blindman
    :arrow_right: Django kill… if you live, Shoot!
    :arrow_right: The Silent Stranger

  5. :books: Last but not least, a special shout out and shopping tip. @Djangoisme 's third issue of the Spaghetti Western Digest has the internet in a buzz. Get the book today (and don’t forget to post a review on Amazon for the rest of the world, if you can!). Also check out Mike’s previous volumes!
    :arrow_right: Spaghetti Western Digest Issue #3
    :arrow_right: :brazil: :portugal: And for the lusophones, there is a new book in Portuguese by @p.pereira , click here to read more

  6. :building_construction: Tech! Last month we told you that we did some upgrades. Unfortunately the issue of embedding YouTube videos has not been resolved yet. We rely on whoever came up with the idea to get it fixed. Hopefully soon.
    Next up on our list of technical improvements for the SWDb is a better search experience. As always, we welcome any feedback, help and… donations.

Many thanks to all and everyone who contributed this month, in the SWDb proper, here in the forums, everyone who has emailed us, shared our posts on social media, listened in on the podcast or donated a few bucks our way. See you next month with a roundup of updates. We wish you the happiest new year and hope you check in regularly, discuss, spread the word and contribute.


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