Spaghetti Western Podcasts?

Anyone know of any good spaghetti western podcasts? I tried looking, but wasn’t able to find any.

coming right up

Thanks for the support, @Admin. We think the SWDb community will enjoy the podcast. :slight_smile:

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Will be there

Tonight 7pm PST

Sadly this is early hours of the morning UK time but I assume they will make it available via archive later?

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Yes, I read that it can be listened to on YouTube afterwards

Here it is (link)

and soon on Utube here I guess

Amazing that the first error is the mispronunciation of Almeria !!! It’s not Al - mere - ee ah.

Almeria is pronounced like the girl’s name Maria … Al - Maria


True, accent is on the i :slight_smile: @Spaghetti_Westerns

By popular demand, now at more amenable times :slight_smile: Looking forward to the next episode. And don’t forget to watch the recording of the first one!

Enjoyed the podcast - looking forward to the next one at a better time for Europe.

I started pronouncing Almeria wrong but learnt quickly to get it right but most tourists I met including those with properties in Almeria still get it wrong.

I’m glad I never met any of those … or more accurately, they’re lucky they never met me ! :crazy_face:
I know there are many UK people living there who are incredibly lazy about learning even the basics of the language … because they just hang out with other thick Brits.

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Not me. On holiday i always learn a bit of the language just to be polite and get me by. I can’t stand to be associated with people to lazy to be respectful and think every other nationality should speak English.
Then again I’m from Yorkshire and I have to speak some Spanish, Italian or German because no one abroad can understand my accent! :angry:

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After the first episode, we changed the starting time to accommodate our Euro and UK friends who wanted to watch it live. Our second show will cover underrated actors of the Spaghetti Western. We look forward to having more SWDb members join us this time around. :cowboy_hat_face:


Decided to give this a page in the database, and it could grow into a show archive

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