I Just Bought … (the SW Shopping Diary)

Just bought this magnificent Giuliano Gemma film on BD…

After the two ‘Ringo’ films, this is definitely a must-have - with just about everything possible going for it, including one of Francesco de Masi’s very best soundtracks.

To say that I am dying to see this SW favourite in BD quality, would be an understatement.
Ordered on ‘AmazonUK’, via the ‘SWDB’ link.


I love the music in this one too, but Johnny Hamlet/Find a Man will always be my favourite.

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Francesco De Masi wrote some great scores, and I totally agree about Find A Man.
Interesting movie which connects excessively well with the Shakespeare play, even though some of the names sound a bit silly in a Western. You also get to hear Hamlet’s famous monologue in Italian… Essere o non essere questo e la problema. Reciting that makes you look good at parties.

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Agreed. A beautiful piece of composition, and so masterfully delivered by De Masi and the unforgettable Maurizio (Attansio) Graf.

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I truly hope you enjoy it, DocMarlowe, as it is one of the greatest of spaghetti-western–and world-cinema–classics. Does anyone know where I can find an American-made DVD or Blu-Ray of Jack Palance’s rarest spaghetti effort–or most obscure film of any kind–“The Brothers Blu”?


My California Koch Blu came through safe and sound :cowboy_hat_face:

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A HUGE improvement on a couple of previously fuzzy versions of Cjamango. Recommended.


Does this release have an Italian audio option? Thanks for any answer and help. Everywhere I’ve checked it differs between German and Italian and German and English, I don’t know which is right.

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See the info in the SWDb, you know… The website attached to this forum :slight_smile:

Its German and English audio only, no Italian, but the picture quality is ridiculously better than the previous DVD versions so that is good enough for me.


Just bought ‘The Long Days of Vengeance’.

This is the only Giuliano Gemma Western that I have never seen, so hoping that I won’t be disappointed…


I remember it having a very stylish opening

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Its up there with his best.


Mine arrived today. I chose cover B just to be different. I shall see the New,Year in with it.
Happy New Year folks


I have just returned from my wife’s family’s farm where I experienced the worse blizzard I have ever seen. The day after we arrived, we were assaulted by well over a foot of snow, 45 mph (72kmh) winds and below 0 Fahrenheit (-17 Celsius and beyond) temperatures. The wind chills were brutal. :cold_face: We barely left the house for a week though, as they live on a farm, several family members ventured out into the cold long enough to tend to the livestock and milk their 330 cows.

Finally, things broke last week and I was able to make my rounds of the thrift shops in the area which is my favorite thing to do there because they all typically have tons of movies. At one such store, in Caledonia, Minnesota, I received a huge surprise as someone had parted ways with their whole collection of cult movies. As I gleefully began to grab titles I didn’t have from off the shelves, I suddenly received such a shock that I literally stopped with my hand poised in mid air…

For years…and years…and years, I have been trying to obtain a copy of Dead Men Ride but met with failure…after failure…after failure. I even had a couple of shots at the Koch release but was never able to obtain it as I just wasn’t willing to go the extravagant price to get it.

Suddenly, after all this time and when I was least expecting it, in a small shop in a small Minnesota town, there it was glowing out to me from the shelf just like the inside of Marcellus Wallace’s briefcase!

I checked the specs on the back to find that it has English subtitles and, after referring to the SWDB website, I was able to determine that it is un-cut. After looking at the disc, I discovered that it is a DVD-R but frankly I don’t care. Finally, after all of these years, I have a copy of this movie in my possession, and I was able to obtain it for the rock bottom price of $1.50. I will happily add it to the collection with a big smile on my face until someone finally gives it a proper blu-ray release.


that would be a godsend


That’s a hell of a saga. I subtitled an Italian DVD of this film some years ago because there was no English audio available from anywhere. Does yours start like this:

Hey Hey! Take it slow, muchacho.
Take it slow.
First wet your wrists and your head.
In your poor state…
You risk making things worse.
Go on…
Seems pointless to ask…
Where’s the leg that was in here?

Sorry, but I’m just curious to know if they used my translation.

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Love these kind of stories.
It’s the real thrill of collecting. Finding that gem that no one else realises is such a treasure in an unlikely place.

I’m intrigued to know what other films you picked up there at the same time


I unexpectedly had to leave town again this morning but I’ll be back at the first of the week. As soon as I get home, I’ll check to see.

It was a good haul, especially for $1.50 apiece, that I would have been thrilled about had I not found Dead Men Ride. There were two Werner Herzog/Klaus Kinski collaborations on blu-ray: Aguirre, the Wrath of God and Fitzcarraldo. I found three Hammer Films on blu-ray: Scars of Dracula, Dracula Has Risen From the Grave, and Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed. There was also a Kino double feature blu-ray of Vincent Price’s The Abominable Dr. Phibes and Dr. Phibes Rises Again. I also got a two-disc blu-ray set of The Sicilian Clan with Jean Gabin and Alain Delon (which I’ve never seen) and, lastly, I got Stanley Kramer’s On the Beach.

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I find some good and interesting stuff from time to time … but 90% at least is just wading thru the old ‘blockbuster’ and superhero shit, which is of zero interest.

Blu Rays of Herzog/Kinski, Hammer movies and the Sicilian Clan, is what a I’d call a real golden haul … well done!

What interests me is why so much of this stuff ends up being essentially chucked out, albeit for a good cause at the charity shops - I mean recently I got a 4K version of '2001 a Space Odyssey, with a standard BD version for £1 … My guess is that well off media students are asked to view films that they have no real appreciation or fondness for, and that’s when I step in and save myself a fortune. :wink:

Today I got a boxset of the Bing Crosby/Bob Hope ‘Road’ movies, which I haven’t seen in decades, but used to like. ‘Excalibur’ (1981) which I’ve never loved, but again, sometimes tastes change. ‘The Raven’ (1963) … and a BD of ‘Prometheus’ (2012) a rare modern release that I really enjoy. Not bad for £3 total.

Might be interesting to have a specific thread for these type of finds? … Next time I hit a vein of goodies, I’ll get that started, unless someone else wants to kick it off first.

Good hunting everyone!

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