I Just Bought … (the SW Shopping Diary)

Ok. So probably just a rip-off of said Koch Media release then :slight_smile: No I wouldn’t pay a penny fot that one :slight_smile:

I went with it since the Koch Media release is OOP and going for 20€ and up.

I have most of the Koch’s rainbow series but missed Anda Muchacho and it’s annoying as it’s going for such high prices now.

What is mean is that the Cult Action-thingie is just a pirated version and you might just aswell have downloaded it for free then :slight_smile:

And 20 euro for an OOP title is pretty low anyways. I would defintely still go for the Koch Media one. Or maybe wait for the inevitable blu-ray.

I get your point and I agree, I wouldn’t normally buy a release like this but it popped up and I got tempted… I made an exception.

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As long as it never happens again ever :slight_smile:



Just bought Arrow Films’ A Pistol for Ringo/Return of Ringo bluray. Only watched the first film so far but it was great fun with a surprising number of parallels with Die Hard.


I thought the same thing my first viewing :grinning:

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Friday spaghetti delivery… Noo bootlegs this time Søren :handshake:


That’s the way to do it :slight_smile:

And a Swedish poster for Ace High… Very nice.

Yes a real beauty, picked up for 50:- swedish crowns. Here’s a better pic


Ooh, A Long Ride from Hell - always wanted to see that. What is the DVD with the green cover? Can’t read the title.

It’s a BURY THEM DEEP with Craig Hill

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I just ordered the Spanish edition with English audio of The Ruthless Four, which I assume is of similar DVD quality as the Koch Media release from around the some time. There was some difficulties to order the Koch release in new condition from Ebay or Amazon and delivered to Malaga, Spain, but from Amazon.es Spain no problem with the Spanish DVD.

The thread designated to this SW sounds promising, The Ruthless Four / Ognuno per sé (Giorgio Capitani, 1968)
It could be another strong 6/10 or hopefully 7/10 I guess by the opinions in the thread.



While I was in business so to speak, I also bought Django Prepare a Coffin.



A third buy, today Yankee which gets good credits in its thread.

A minus is the DVD only has no English audio, just subtitles for Italian audio. Yankee

Most people would find it lacking if it didn’t have the ‘original’ dub which has to be the Italian one. I would never consider watching it with anything but that.

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I see SWs primarily as (much better and interesting) pictures of the original American Western movies and partly made for the American public, and in this respect I prefer English audio in SWs as well.

But I have my DVDs of Dead Men Ride/Anda Muchacho Spara and Death Sentence only in Italian and I don’t think about it that much while watching.

Otherwise, for example in old Disney comic books, I always go for the original language (I “shelved” my Swedish collection since many decades) which happens to be (American) English in that case :slight_smile:

I prefer English audio in most cases aswell for SWs, same with Kung Fu movies