I Just Bought … (the SW Shopping Diary)

I meant $12,000.00 which is less than 1 % of the highest price paid for any comic book, but still it was an all time high for the first Swedish Donald Duck then monthly comic book from 1948 since it was in top condition (a tie for the highest ranked with another copy I already owned). So it was both relatively cheap and expensive depending on what you compare with :slight_smile:


That’s amazing! Is it possible for new and/or old comics to be sealed in such a way that they won’t “ever” degrade/yellow discernibly beyond their current conditions?

There are methods of preserving, e g Mylar bags in polyester or more expensive specially developed cassettes from a grading company which has professional graders of comic books and afterwards seal the comic books in the cassettes so you can easily display your precious comic book without harming it, but not read it anymore (if you not know how to break the seal and the grading becomes invalid).
It is convenient for expensive high grade books that you in any case definitely should not read, only admire the beauty of the frontcover and backcover and the hopefully splendid condition.
Nowadays I also collect American Didney comic book first editions in (near) top grade. Of course there is also a prestige in owning the highest graded of a certain comic book :slight_smile:
So collectors like me who happen to like the comic book stories also very very much naturally have dublicates in less than top grade to be able to read them :slight_smile:

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Thanks Runner. You had a lot of foresight in collecting :+1: .I bought a lot of first issues and certain pivotal issues years ago(about 800 at new stands over the years ) which would have ten times more value if I’d have keep them sealed better. It’s amazing how much higher the value is if they’re protected as you describe. Lower grade duplicate backups are like stunt-comics for your high-grade stars :wink: .


No one should be shamed for their collecting especially considering how many people blow all of their money on alcohol and drugs. If it becomes hoarding then there is a problem. I am a member of a facebook group for collectors of physical media and there are people who have thousands of DVDs and blu-rays and VHS taking up space in their entire house or apartment. I am not going to feel bad for having a few hundred discs and some collectible toys no matter what some egotistical jerk says.


You don’t need to qualify this - enjoy your hobby, and to hell with any negative remarks :smile:


The Trinity disc was loose in the case. Let’s hope it isn’t damaged.


Always hated the Trinity DVD cover … really lazy, cheapo design - The contents however are fab. Excellent picture quality :smile:

I still haven’t recieved my Artus blu rays which I ordered July 21st.

amazon asked if I want a refund or a replacement… I asked for a replacement because I want these discs :slight_smile:

I never had a problem like that with amazon before… thankfully I didn’t loose any money.

I pre-ordered mine directly from Artus and received them about mid to late September. At first I thought the post office lost my order of Viva Django and asked Artus for a replacement, which they kindly sent, and then got the surprise of my life when both the replacement and the original order came at the same time. I’m planning on selling the unopened one on eBay in the spring.

Just watched Johnny Yuma, it looked amazing!


Amazon shipping has sadly gone to hell the last couple of years. If you choose the expensive shipping method all is well, if not you can end up them sending via the slowest method available. European amazons have also started shipping via Swltzerland so have had three packages stuck in customs. Sadly there is no real alternative so I end up paying the expensive shipping.

A couple weeks ago I received the Explosive Media release of Face to Face and I am very happy. I had lost my Cultcine copy years ago, so it was wonderful to watch the film again.


Just order 2 movies from German Amazon

Bury Them Deep
Shoot Gringo Shoot!

of course thru the database :+1:


Damn, this book is a lot bigger than I thought. And it arrived faster than expected. Nice!


Took me ages just to read Quentin’s foreword!

Picked these up used for less than 10€ each, very happy to fill some holes in the collection!


Nice. Never seen that Anda Muchacho release. Which company released that. I got the Koch Media release.

It’s a Cult Action bootleg (DVD-R), they have some cool titles and they look great, but I wouldn’t pay 12$ + shipping wich is what you’ll have to pay if you order from their site.