I Just Bought … (the SW Shopping Diary)

(autephex) #3044

Yes, my main issue with WE releases. I’m not trying to be disrespectful but they often look like the transfers are done by someone with basically no knowledge of video transfer & encoding. Issues with frame blending from poorly done PAL -> NTSC conversions (or vice versa). I barely know anything myself, but when I’m working on a project I will spend entire days figuring out what the video needs to make it look right, and there’s really no reason why a releasing company should not be doing the same.

(chuck connors brother) #3045

I got requiem for a gringo… I guess this means it’s 1080p, the blu ray honesty looks and sounds great

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(Søren) #3046

Sounds great. 720P also sounded weird. Funny why that info is stated all over the place.

(autephex) #3047

Really need to analyze some screenshots for comparing against DVD release. Resolution doesn’t necessarily mean anything other than the image has been sized to the reported resolution.

(kevenz) #3048

720p is weird yes… in an era where most people buy 4k tvs these days.

I can’t belive they couldn’t bootleg the german blu ray properly… oh well :slight_smile: hopefully the English dub is high quality.

(autephex) #3049

Well we are still waiting to confirm if its 720 or 1080.

blu-ray.com & a user review on Amazon both state 720p, but blu-ray.com doesn’t have any screenshots, reviews or other details so they are likely basing it off the info on dvdcompare (http://www.dvdcompare.net/comparisons/film.php?fid=48709) - here it states 720p AVC MPEG-4 & the following: " * *Special thanks to Rewind user Åsmund_Utvik for providing these specifications."

The screenshot by chuck_connors_brother says 1080, but we don’t know if its just stating the set resolution of the TV or the actual disc info

(autephex) #3050

Saving more Mexican spaghetti from the void

(The Man With a Name) #3051

Always wondered if Cuchillo has an English dub out there somewhere. If not, I’d love to get my hands on a fan subbed version. The only Mexis I have so far are Taste of the Savage and God, Guns and Guts. I’d love to get some more

(autephex) #3052

I don’t think I’ve seen Chuchillo, just looked it up and didn’t recognize it although it has some of the key players involved. There are only a few of these Mexi-westerns that have been fansubbed so far, that I am aware of, and also just a couple with english dubs have surfaced.

I’d love to at some point pursue making these more available and with english options, but don’t really have the time to do these kinds of projects now. If I had the money, I’d look into actually doing legit releases as these titles seem very neglected overall

(Sebastian) #3053

Everyone please don’t forget to add your 2018 favorite release do the guide if it’s not in there already

(Søren) #3054

Filling some holes in the Koch Media collection:

Töte Alle und kehr allein zurück
Blei ist Sein Lohn

AC_US218 AC_US218

(kevenz) #3055

finally recieved these two from amazon france after 1 month of shipping:

Great editions with great picture quality but why the cases are so big ? They’re like VHS size.


Just to hold me over, until the alleged blu-ray release…

(Asa) #3057

Just ordered:

(Wilco Vedder) #3058

Picked it up at mueller in a 5 for € 20,= deal. Mostly because of the beautiful music of Reverbi.
NOTE: In the same deal there was also “Joe der Galgenvogel” which apperently is the same movie… What a name for such a movie.


Joe the Gallows Bird”? :thinking:

(Wilco Vedder) #3060

well, I am dutch with some understanding of german but had never heard of the phrase so long live google :grin:

“Galgenvogel” are commonly referred to as persons who, in disregard of laws and conventions, either profit from the misfortunes of others or over-benefit other people through their own deeds. At the same time this behavior is devalued and insulted. It is stated that this person belongs to the gallows.

Also, the term is used for wandering and run-down people. He is underlined by disgust and aversion.

The term goes back to the “gallows bird” called raven, who sought as scavengers the proximity of medieval execution sites. This created horror in the society of those days and caused the transference of this term to the described persons.

(Søren) #3061

I think Joe der Galgenvogel is the comedy cut with a different ‘funny’ German dub. The Germans are crazy :slight_smile:


That’s what I was thinking, I still need to check that version out.
It’s a shame God Forgives… I Don’t! was redubbed aswell.

(Andy) #3063

I ordered this directly from an ebay seller in Germany for a great price: Tepepa by Koch in their “Western Unchained” series. Disc is region-free.