I Just Bought … (the SW Shopping Diary)

(morgan) #3024

Thats what it said, no shipping options. Anyway, for now i go with the Image Entertainment DVD.

We are. We were in fact under your King for more or less 400 years! :roll_eyes:

(The Man With a Name) #3025

The Image DVD is 100 minutes.

(Søren) #3026

Haha. A little bit before our times though :slight_smile: But yes Denmark was significantly larger not that many centuries ago.

(morgan) #3027


(Søren) #3028

Was about to ask if anybody had received it yet when this one, Requiem for Gringo arrived from Wild East:


(Søren) #3029

Just saw on dvdcompare.net that this is only in 720P !? That is very odd this day and age.

(Mickey13) #3030

Hopefully not, I would love to see a high resolution remaster of it.

(autephex) #3031

Local movie shop was having a buy 2 get 1 free sale, so I bought Cat In The Brain + The Beyond Grindhouse blurays, sold them, and kept Get Mean Blue Underground blu ray release which I haven’t had a chance to watch yet. Already had Cat In The Brain and although I love Fulci, I just don’t think much of The Beyond… so a free copy of BU’s Get Mean is pretty, pretty, pretty good

(Søren) #3032

The same info is given on www.blu-ray.com and the only amazon review given states the same. Doesn’t sound good.


So it’s just an upscaled DVD?

(autephex) #3034

That really sucks if its the case. I was waiting to see reports of quality on this one. If this is what WE is doing for blu releases, that is just stupid

(Mickey13) #3035

Man, that sucks. I hope this simply isn’t true, but if this happens to be the case, then that’s downright silly. Why would anyone release a bluray in 720p?! I mean that doesn’t even make sense, might as well put out a very decent DVD release. Perhaps the quality is going to be marginally better, but I fail to see what’s the point.

(autephex) #3036

Its WE’s business model: Appeal to the obsessive collectors with nice packaging and limited edition releases, while the actual film release is many times not so good with low quality transfers & amateur errors, on top of probably using questionable sources for commercial releases. I get that WE isn’t rolling in the dough, but personally I’d have a lot more respect for the company if they used their resources to put out the best possible film transfers instead of being focused on buyer/collector-manipulation.

(Mickey13) #3037

I feel the only reason why they’re doing this is because they want to slap the bluray logo onto the cover. Fine, I guess, but it will appear a bit mendacious or even downright dishonest to those with two brain cells to rub together and some insight into the whole process of restoration.

(autephex) #3038

Frankly I’m getting pretty worn out on the collector’s marketing models. While I definitely love good packaging, I just want to be able to get ahold of the best versions of films as possible without the pressure to buy limited editions that skyrocket in price, etc. I know its becoming harder to sell any form of media, but in these niche markets there are still plenty of buyers. Personally, I won’t be buying anything from here out unless its actually worth buying for the film itself.

(Andy) #3039

I could’ve bought myself a new, bigger TV with the amount of money I’ve spent on spaghetti western blu-rays just since last summer. I have to draw the line at getting another Django release. I recently got the Kino Sabata used for a decent price but that’s it for me for a while.

(autephex) #3040

Yeah… be careful my friend :grimacing: It doesn’t feel the greatest to look back at all the movies purchased to realize they are continually being re-released and all that money spent thinking a definitive collection is being built was just a waste since now they need to be upgraded. It never ends… The collecting mindset is not your friend, unless you have lots of disposable income (not to consider the time investment as well)


The 720p wasn’t mentioned in this review but everything is still apparently immaculate:


(Mickey13) #3042

Too bad no screenshots though.


Yes, but with respect , everything W.E release is fabulous according to that reviewer … maybe if you’d only just upgraded from VHS to DVD the transfers would seem fantastic, but with almost everything they release, there’s a superior version available either from Germany, Italy, Spain or France.
Most of their transfers still look fuzzy and interlaced, like they’re using some outmoded software.
Show some screenshots on your website W.E, and not just slick cover art.