I Just Bought … (the SW Shopping Diary)

(Søren) #2661

Another one dumped in today:

(Sebastian) #2662

can you review these for the site?

(The Man With a Name) #2663

Just ordered that one myself but the X-Rated Kult version instead.

(Søren) #2664

I’m bad and getting reviews done and frankly I don’t know when these will hit the player so no promises.

(Søren) #2665

Got the Garringo blu-ray today:

Supposedly numbered although mine wasn’t. The number-slot has just been left blank. I couldn’t care less but wonder if this was the reason that ofdb.de couldn’t supply me with a copy of it. Had to cancel my order there after waiting more than a month.

(Søren) #2666

Nearly nobody seem to be buying spaghetti westerns on here, so setting a good example I got the following four German releases the past week:

(Bill san Antonio) #2667

Nice, could you provide us with some comments on picture quality & audio?

(Søren) #2668

Only saw Die unerbittlichen Vier so far. It looked pretty decent. It being a Wild Coyote-release I was a bit wary but it actually looked pretty nice. Not pristine dvd quality but I’ve seen worse. There was a scene or two that was missing from the German 35mm (?) they used as source and an inferior source was used. I noticed a couple of seconds in the trial scene that looked like something taken from a youtube video of bad quality but it was only for a short while.

I watched it with the English dub and that was pretty nice. No silent periods :slight_smile:

So at least that one I can wholeheartedly recommend. Haven’t gotten around to the others yet.

(Martin) #2669

The Colosseo Film DVD of Una bara per lo sceriffo is first-rate.

(Søren) #2670

One thing that Die unerbittlichen Vier and also Jetzt sprechen die Pistolen (which I have started watching) suffers from that I forgot to mention is perhaps a too big dose of applied DNR. There is not much grain to be seen…

(Grinder) #2671

After first watch of “Die Unerbittlichen 4” it was my first thought, too that they used a too big dose of DNR.
But in the bonus section there are scans from the orginal source (35mm) with no filters and then a comnparison with the restored material. After watching this I think it is OK.
The picture quality still is much better and natural than most italian and spanish dvds or Wild East releases.
The scene in “you tube” quality is only around 30 sec if I remember right. It was lost in the 35mm master.

(Søren) #2672

Yes. The YouTube-quality part was very short. Better a low-quality part than it missing altogether so had no major problem with this. Regarding the DNR, well, I personally think they went too far but that is my personal taste. I mean there is hardly a blemish on the print all way through and as I said no grain. It simply looks too clean and plasticy at places.

(Søren) #2673

Latest Wild East-release turned up today:

(Bill san Antonio) #2674

(Rutledal) #2675

Just got The Relentless Four, Why Go On Killing?, 10.000 For Ringo, The Man Who Killed Billy the Kid and the WE Tomas Milian double feature.

(Jonny Powers) #2676

I ordered the Gemma double bill as well, hoping it shows up soon! Also got Today We Kill, Tomorrow We Die VCI DVD and the Johnny West DVD in the mail a couple weeks ago, hadn’t had a chance to get to it til now

(Rutledal) #2677

Got the Wild East Gemma double today. I think I own 4 copies of Blood For A Silver Dollar.

(Jonny Powers) #2678

I got a notification from my campus post office, the Gemma disc got sent there instead of my home address :disappointed: Guess I’ll have something to look forward to when I go back


Recently bought the UK DVD of Any Gun Can Play. So soon I’ll finally have an opinion on that film.


I just bought these.