I Just Bought … (the SW Shopping Diary)

(Stanton) #2641

If it is a good film I’ll buy it, if it is a bad I wouldn’t have bought it either.

(Søren) #2642

Ah, there are big parts of my movie collection that would appall you then :slight_smile:

(Stanton) #2643

Only if they are boring.


I wholeheartedly agree with Grinder and stanton. White Pearl clearly is a company that puts no effort whatsover into its Spaghetti Western releases. I made the mistake of buying its DVD of Julio Buchs’s Los desesperados.

(Søren) #2645

Yep I knew they were no Koch Media :slight_smile:

It certainly isn’t the first crap release I’ve bought and certainly will not be the last :slight_smile:

(ENNIOO) #2646

Download is fine when they are releasing crap prints. Rather save the cash for a release which is nice quality print wise.

(Søren) #2647

In my attempt to gather as many dubious German spaghetti western releases as possible in a month, today the following turned up:

(Stanton) #2648

A noble task.

Respect …

(chuck connors brother) #2649

Bounty Killer for Trinity… still haven’t seen that

(Søren) #2650

Two more turned up yesterday:


(ENNIOO) #2651

This man is on a mission ! :slight_smile:


How’s the picture quality for Tab Hunter’s "Vengeance Is My Forgiveness?

(Phil H) #2653

Can you confirm if this release has english options?

(Søren) #2654

Not really. Still in shrink but I’ll make time to see it hopefully soon and let you know :slight_smile:

(Phil H) #2655

Cheers mate.

(Bill san Antonio) #2656

Just got this masterpiece


Richard Luft rides again. That’s entertainment. Lights going out and a kick in the shins …

(Bad Lieutenant) #2658

Just ordered a bunch of 2nd hand, German, dvd’s:

Spaghetti/euro western:

  • Carlos (Hans W. Geißendörfer)
  • Die wilde Meute (Amadeo Alvarez)
  • Zorro, Der schwarze Rächer (Guido Zurli)
  • Whisky und die Goldgräber (Alfonso Brescia)
  • Wolfsblut (Lucio Fulci)
  • Sein Wechselgeld ist Blei (Alfonso Brescia)
  • Ein Hosianna für zwei Halunken (Mario Siciliano)
  • Die Satansbrut des Colonel Blake (Enzo G. Castellari)


  • The Good, the Bad, the Weird (Jee-woon Kim)
  • Vierzig Gewehre (Samuel Fuller)

Some crap releases among them, as well as some good, but total costs (incl. shipping) only EUR 37,21


Just received The Great Silence on DVD, strange that it hasn’t had any Blu-ray release yet from everything I hear about it.

Also just bought Blue Underground’s Django. I’ve seen it already, but I had to own it. (Since I’m a new user, I can’t put an image of the release in as the OP specifies, but you all probably know what it looks like anyway.)

(Søren) #2660

Just got a bunch of Code Red blu-rays and among those, these two: