I Just Bought … (the SW Shopping Diary)


Finally grabbed this edition, I didn’t realise just how rare it was now.

(Rutledal) #2682

It is? I used to see them everywhere, but didn’t get one because I thought it as a comedy at the time.


Yeah, it’s been OOP for a while. The internet is sadly flooded with copies of the crappy cut pan & scan version.

(Jonny Powers) #2684

Where did you manage to find it? Ebay? I never realized that the DFW version was the only proper release with English audio. A quick bit of looking on my end showed it available from some dutch sites but they won’t ship outside Belgium and the Netherlands…


Yeah eBay, It’s pretty surprising there aren’t more English friendly releases.

(Jonny Powers) #2686

I find it so surprising how hard it is to import items from overseas. So many countries just don’t ship out or don’t have their own Amazon :disappointed:

(Søren) #2687

To be fair this is a release that was relased, what 10-11 years ago. Most of that stuff has gone OOP and you won’t find it on any amazon from other than third-party sellers and you can in fact find this one on amazon.co.uk:

But it costs of course :slight_smile:

I bought my copy straight from a Dutch shop when it was ‘in print’ and I had no problem getting it to Denmark. That was more than 9 years ago though :slight_smile: Maybe a better bet would be to wait for a blu-ray release as one must surely come at one point. The German are crazy about Spencer/Hill so a company their will surely release it at one point. One can only cross fingers that it will then be uncut and have the English dub of course.

(Søren) #2688

Cinecityplanet also has a copy for €24.95:


(Jonny Powers) #2689

Well, from what I could see, it was still in print, just only available from places that don’t ship overseas. I saw the UK listing but it was just too high for me and they don’t ship to the US either. That cinecity listing is nice to see however, thanks! I think I’ll wait though

(Toscano) #2690

Think twice…waiting sometimes doesn’t always bring results…it can also bring nothing…


Just bought these.


I just bought these DVDs…

(Rutledal) #2693

I thought In A Valley of Violence was very good.

(Asa) #2694

Hi Django810! Loving your enthusiasm for purchasing westerns, but I’m going to ask you to restrict your entries in this thread strictly to your spaghetti western purchases only. We still want to hear about your non-spag purchases too, be they westerns or any other genre, but they belong in the “I Just Bought… (Non-SW Shopping Diary)” thread, which can be found HERE.

Cheers fella!


sorry thanks for the info.

(Asa) #2696

No worries whatsoever mate, thanks for your understanding. :slight_smile:

(The Man With a Name) #2697

That Dutch release of God Forgives… I Don’t is worth every penny in my opinion. Great looking print and one of the best spaghetti westerns.

(The Man With a Name) #2698

I just got this one, too, but I was a little bit concerned when I noticed a lot of scratches on the disc. It plays without any problems but I wonder what happened to it. I bought it brand new from Wild East themselves.


Indeed! It made me toss my Televista copy out the window like a grenade.

…or a stick of dynamite.

(Jonny Powers) #2700

Well, from everyone’s recommendation, I went ahead and sprung on a copy of God Forgives. $30 for a DVD is a bit much but this is a top 20 that I’ve still not seen. Not holding my breath for a blu ray, but I’d probably get that too if it appeared out of nowhere :smirk: