A Bullet for Sandoval / Quei disperati che puzzano di sudore e di morte / Los desesperados (Julio Buchs, 1969)

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No info on the Database, who is EDS? Haven’t heard of them before.

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All I know is that its in English and widescreen. I’m considering purchasing it to look up its details. It might be all for peanuts, but I’ll see if I can find any more info on it.

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Alright, did a quick Google yesterday and EDS is apparently another reincarnation of Alpha Video/Shoarma Digital. Dunno anything else about the release.

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Found this on Italian Ebay.

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I managed to order a copy of that EDS release, and it should arrive next week. I’ll report back with running times, if there’s any improvements on it.

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Can someone possibly post some screenshots of the Spanish VHS. I don’t have the capabilities to do so.


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You’re an absolute star Lone_Gringo.

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I know this Spanish VHS

plays in English language, but does anyone know what the running time of it is? Is it longer than the dvd releases?

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Remember seeing Yodlaf selling one on E Bay a while back…he might know.

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Thanks ENNIOO, I’ll give him a shout. :wink:

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Anyone have the White Pearl release?


Bought it from my local DVD dealer yesterday. He told me not to expect too much, the label being White Pearl Classics / Daredo, infamous for its poor releases of Spaghetti Westerns. Rushed through it today: obviously compiled from various analog and digital video sources; image quality differs widely from scene to scene; audio tracks in German and English, the latter incomplete; running time: 92 min 40 s (PAL).

I Just Bought … (the SW Shopping Diary)

Finally watched the whole movie. As could be expected from White Pearl Classics, the DVD is an utter mess. Both language tracks are incomplete, image quality is alternately bad, worse and worst.

Enjoyed the film, though – my second Julio Buchs Western after El hombre que mató a Billy el Niño (1967), which wasn’t so bad either (at least much better than I had expected it to be). Los desesperados felt somewhat disjointed, storywise and, of course, editingwise, since the version I watched was obviously patched together from different sources. At least the (in)famous Annabella Incontrera scenes were reinstated.

@stanton: I’m sure you know where the White Pearl Classics label “found” the “footage” it used for this abysmal DVD release, right?

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Does that mean the DVD is a bootleg?

(Stanton) #139

No, but hey probably took the missing scenes form the Tijuana edition. They probably took the whole film form that version, only I don’t know why it is shorter. Well, they probably cut some of the stuff which was missing form the German version.

But what do you meant with "I’m sure you know where the White Pearl Classics label “found” the “footage” ", if not this?


Thanks! Yes, exactly, that’s what I meant. I thought you would know – I wasn’t sure.


Also watched this one and enjoyed it, certainly a lot more than Deaf Smith… I think it was a bit too episodic for it’s own good but was a good run-of-the-mill spag with some nice Spanish tragedy style elements. Probably would’ve enjoyed it more if I’d seen the uncut version though. Anyone know if it’s available on a DVDR at all?

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Is the German DVD uncut or the same version as the VCI disc?