I Just Bought … (the SW Shopping Diary)

(Michael Baker) #2621

I now have the Blue Underground release of The Grand Duel. This replaces my old elstree hill version which is of poor quality (like all their titles - just a word of warning). A great final shootout and a great score by Luis Bacalov (also used in Kill Bill) make this one a good little film, but not a top 20 contender for me.

(Bill san Antonio) #2622

Just got these :sunglasses:

(Søren) #2623

Got a bunch today from amazon.de:

Requiem für Django (Colosseo blu-ray)
Fahr zur Hölle Gringo (Explosive Media blu-ray)
Der Dicke ist nicht zu bremsen (3L blu-ray)
and the Gojko Mitic 12 blu-ray box


I am just beginning my subscription to the “Macaroni Western Masterpiece Film DVD Collection” Every two weeks for about 1500 yen, I get two Spaghetti Western DVDs. The only ones I had seen previously were the Man With No Name series, which is why I bought the first one. But through looking around this website and others, I became really interested in watching more. Only have seen two others, but haven’t been disappointed so far.

I will get two DVDs every two weeks for a couple years, I think. I think there are 48 or 50 in total, I can’t remember. I will keep posting when I get them every couple weeks and if there is any other information you want about these, let me know.

These were the first three.

A Fistful of Dollars with Japanese and English soundtracks and both subtitles for the Japanese language soundtrack and translating the English soundtrack (I can only post an article with two links, so I will leave this one out. Perhaps someone else can edit it back in?)

Django, with the Japanese, English, and Italian soundtracks and subtitles for the Japanese one as well as subtitles translating the English and Italian into Japanese.

One Silver Dollar, with the same languages as Django


These are from week 3 of my Macaroni Western DVD magazine collection series. They just came in today so I haven’t seen them yet.

The Return of Ringo,
with English, Italian, and Japanese soundtracks and subtitles.

Navajo Joe, which only has English and Japanese soundtracks and subtitles.

(Søren) #2626

Just got a bunch of new movies and among them one spaghetti:

Will look forward to finally be able to watch this one in 2D :slight_smile:

(Sebastian) #2627

Would be great to have a review of this BluRay on the SWDb, maybe you can write one

(Søren) #2628

Will try to remember it when I watch it. Would only be a review of the 2D version though as neither my player or tv are 3D capable and I frankly don’t want to go through that ordeal again :slight_smile:

(Sebastian) #2629

I hear ya. I saw that nonsense a few years back when they tried to pitch it at the distributor’s market during the Berlin Film Festival… I can’t remember much from the film aside from the weird 3D bats :wink:

(Søren) #2630

Finally some new spaghettis for the collection:

(Farmer_J) #2631

Could you post screenshots of these if you can please? Long Day of The Massacre has on my list for a while.

Picked up some Richard Norton actioners and some Hong Kong gangster films from the 70s.

(The Man With a Name) #2632

Does Voltati… ti uccido play in English like it says on the amazon page?

(Søren) #2633

I’ll try and post a couple of screenshots. Haven’t had either of them in the player yet so don’t know if the English dub is present but I doubt it.

Will try and check tonight…

(Søren) #2634

Das Gesetz der Erbarmungslosen

100.000 verdammte Dollar

The dvds only have the German dub. Haven’t watched the movies, only took these random screenshots but Voltati… ti uccido seems to be the nicest looking of the two. VHS-quality and a bit soft, but not too bad. The Long Day of the Massacre looks a bit shaky and dark.

(Farmer_J) #2635

Cheers mate. The Wyler one looks okay, considering its VHS quality, and but I was expecting the Martell one to be so-so. Many thanks.

(Søren) #2636

This one appeared today:

(Grinder) #2637

You will need (new) glasses after watching this crap dvd.
Worst dvd release EVER.
It is really a shame…

German VHS

White Pearl dvd

Thanks to Il Nero@Dirty Pictures for the shots…

(Søren) #2638

Yes I’m aware of these White Pearl Classics not being quite up there :slight_smile:

It is indeed a shame that none of the other fine German spaghetti western release companies would take it on but until a better dvd release appears this one will have to do.

Thanks for the heads up though. If I consume enough Whisky while watching I may survive the ordeal :slight_smile:

(Stanton) #2639

But then, does not a download do the job for now, as long as not a good release is available?

Especially as there are also some doubts about the legality of some (or even many) of all those cheap German releases of the last year.

(Søren) #2640

Yes, you are of course right. I’m a sucker for real releases though :slight_smile:

Downloading is fine in this case of course, the only problem being that once you’ve downloaded a fine fan-made version one has a tendency not to buy the official release if one ever appears.