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I corrected the booklet info in the SWDb and I see it has also been corrected on the Explosive Media website. The previous 24 page booklet also wasn’t so much centered on the movie itself anyway

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I now hold the first Wild Wild West edition discs in my hands and I have to say these look way better in real life than the cover images may suggest.
My spine no. for the Faccia disc is 656 :slight_smile: But I might keep the old DVD, too, because of the different, but also interesting, booklet

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Updated the page, still not entirely 100% but covering the essentials


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New review (German)


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I’m wanting to get the blu ray, is it region free like I’ve read? I ask because Amazon says it can’t play on a US player.

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It is region free, had another look at the prrss release on their website


Awesome! Thank you. I lost my Cultcine copy a while ago and was saddened when the site disappeared. Glad I can get another chance to get a copy of this fantastic film.