McMurtry Mini-Series

Howdy! I just noticed that Explosive Media has put out Larry McMurtry’s mini-series on blu-ray, which really intrigued me, but I can’t seem to find any reviews out there as for how the quality is for the releases.

I’m interested in Streets of Laredo, Dead Man’s Walk, and the upcoming November release of Comanche Moon.

But the run times seem to not correspond with some of the U.S. DVD releases. I’d rather keep an SD film that is full than buy one cut in HD. But Alive/Explosive usually seems keen on getting the most complete versions of movies, so I was hoping someone here could help verify if these are uncut! I’m listing the run times from Alive’s site here. (Streets of Laredo) (run time 252 min.) (Dead Man’s Walk) (run time 259 min.) (Comanche Moon) (run time 284 min.)

For the U.S. DVDs, I’ve actually inserted my discs to confirm the exact run time. There are no logos to speak of to add on run time. I have the Vivendi release of Streets of Laredo, which contained more footage than the Hallmark disc. I have the Hallmark disc of Dead Man’s Walk, which I think is complete.

Streets of Laredo (261.91 minutes)
Dead Man’s Walk (266.01 minutes)
Comanche Moon (283.34 minutes)

I have the Paramount release of Comanche Moon, but of all the titles, it is in agreement with the blu-ray release’s run time.

none of these have anything to do with Explosive Media, however. The label is Filmjuwelen.

My apologies for posting it here, then. All the Explosive Media released I have are through “Al!ve” and so I thought it was just the parent company.

Alive is a distributor only, and they serve a lot of labels. No harm done :slight_smile: Gave it its own topic

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