Explosive Media

(Stanton) #121


(14 lille fuckers again, it makes me tired, Seb pleeeeease we don’t need this)

(Søren) #122

Ah come on stanton. Answer with a full sentence like I did just above you :slight_smile:

Just kidding. But you’ll have to punch Sebastian to get it through.

(Sebastian) #123

“Yes” is too simplistic an answer. There is no PAL or NTSC in BluRay so to me the jury’s out whether an upscaling from a PAL source will actually mean more or less of running time on the eventual HD material. Plus, whether you’re dealing with a minute more or less (really not much time), all depends where you start and stop counting and how much “black screen” your see before your disc jumps back to the menu…

(Stanton) #124

We are probably adult enough not to need such a childish restriction.

And the very One (he who has returned) who is not adult enough should have a 14 lille fuckers restriction, but as maximum.

(Søren) #125

Oh, you mean the speed of the SD (pun not intended) content that has been inserted ?

(Stanton) #126

No, the simple answer is yes.

The Koch Media Sollima Box release is 4 min shorter to a Blu Ray or an NTSC release because of the Pal speed up.

And that is what he wanted to know.

And it is over 4 min not one min.

(morgan) #127

Exactly. Thanks!

(Sebastian) #128

Well there should be a booklet, Uli just showed it to me in a Skype video call :wink: Was yours plastic wrapped? Uli says he will talk to the distributor, and we can get you one, a PDF would be the minimum he would be able to send to you.

News is in other aspects, directly from Uli: there’ll be a better and new German audio track for Garringo soon, so that will be coming out soon then, with some delay.

There’s also a new interview with Boetticher on the Comanche Station BluRay and an audio commentary with Mike Siegel on the upcoming Dillinger BluRay. Both will include trailers in HD. Both will get German and English subtitles. The new Tickle Me BluRay will, just like the corrected DVD pressing, be without the known flaws of the first pressing. Those that received another flawed disc even though returned the first one got one of the returns, they will get a proper one for sure. Blindfold BluRay will also come later this year and is a great master. More news to come.

(Martin) #129

Wow! That’s good news.

(morgan) #130

Only thing inside besides the BRs is an 8 page leaflet containing a couple of pages on the film written by Marcus Tschidert. A booklet is mentioned as bonus on the back page of the BR though. Received it unopened.

(Søren) #131

When you say 8 pages do you in fact mean 16 ? :slight_smile:

According to ofdb.de it is a 16 page booklet that is included:


Have ordered the same edition but my order hasn’t shipped yet sadly.

(morgan) #132

I mean 8 pages. What you get when you fold two sheets once and put the one inside the other …:relaxed: Most of it pictures.

(Sebastian) #133

Ah well then we just write leaflet everywhere we say booklet and it’s all fine :wink:

(Søren) #134

Haha. Understood :slight_smile:

Makes no sense though. Explosive writes 24 pages on their site, ofdb 16 and you got a 8 page long one. Perhaps to cut down cost.

(morgan) #135

On the film’s BR page it says Special Features: Booklet containing “Una pistola per Ennio” (A Pistol for Ennio) essay by Wolfgang Maier (24 pages). No big deal, but it wasn’t there.

(Asa) #136

These things can happen. The UK DVD release of season two of Deadwood is a completely bare-bones release, yet the box happily lists every bonus feature present on the US release, like a dirty oblong cocktease. :rage:

(Bad Lieutenant) #137

Ha, I knew it. Is he already gone again?

(Stanton) #138

Seems so. Not a great surprise …

(Søren) #139

He went supernova and got terminated yesterday. Came as a surprise to all.

(Novecento) #140

Just to confirm, mine is the same. I can’t really read German except by slowly piecing it together with a dictionary so am not too concerned. Plus, like most people (I assume), I’m always more interested in the quality of the Blu-ray itself than anything else. I haven’t had time to watch it yet, but hopefully will this weekend.