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Saw a review on amazon that Tre Pistole Contro Cesare only has German and Italian Audio and German subtitles

Die unerbittlichen Vier (Die vier Geier der Sierra Nevada / Los cuatro implacables) has German and English audio

(Bad Lieutenant) #1325

Are the German subs for the full Italian track, or only for the parts that lack German audio?

(Sebastian) #1326

please folks add all this info or confirmations, corrections, etc. in the SWDb proper as well, most imporantly


• Enzo Peri, Tre pistole contro Cesare, 3 Pistolen gegen Cesare
German, Italian; German subtitles only for scenes omitted from the German theatrical print

(Bad Lieutenant) #1328


(Rutledal) #1329

Thank you very much, still in time for Christmas.


Announced by Klagenfurt-based company SchröderMedia: DVD release of Corbucci’s (or Albert Band’s) I crudeli in March. No information on language options and subtitles as yet.

(Sebastian) #1331

interesting, wasn’t aware of that


Neither was I, found out today.


According to a post by Michael on the Dirty Pictures forum, this release is “not legal.” @stanton, you’re a member of that forum – do you have further information?

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Sounds like Koch is pissed that they bring out a bootleg while they are trying to do a HD remaster… damn bootlegers keep damaging the market

(Stanton) #1335

No, only what’s written there.

Koch wants to release it as Blu, and they informed the holder of the rights, so that that bootleg might not be released.


Do you know in which way “Michael” is affiliated with Koch Media? I guess he’s Michael Hochhaus. By the way, stanton: a very nice new profile image you have there on the DP forum.

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[quote=“Companero_M, post:1336, topic:43, full:true”]
Do you know in which way “Michael” is affiliated with Koch Media? I guess he’s Michael Hochhaus.[/quote]

Yes, he is.
Once he lived in Tijuana, now he’s the chief cook …

Alfred E.Neumann or Corto Maltese?

I just switched, cause this arrogant Neumann-smile mug makes one (and me too) wish to smash in.


Corto, of course.


Announced for April release: The Belle Starr Story / Il mio corpo per un poker (Piero Cristofani, Lina Wertmüller, 1968).


According to albain on the Dirty Pictures forum, the SchröderMedia DVD of I crudeli is out now, and it has German and English audio.

(Stanton) #1341

And according to Koch Media, which are or were planing a release, it is a bootleg.


Very strange.

(Sebastian) #1343

there is another movie they are releasing that filmArt has the rights to, which is also a bootleg. They are pursuing legal channels now to stop these… Schroedermedia has commented on the allegations on FB https://www.facebook.com/italocinema/photos/a.508352645907216.1073741830.507518665990614/1237798486295958/?type=3