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I updated the Take a Hard Ride page with the Anchor Bay DVD cover

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New dvd in Italia :

“Jonathan of ther Bears”

Italian version. Sorry, no english subtitles…

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damn those italians. i gotta learn italian. does it have other subtitles, for example french?

A special evening on ARTE TV (european tv for german and french speaking people)on April 23 :

Morricone in concert.

A special THEMA : "Once upon a time the SW "

A german 90 mn documentary "Denn sie kennen kein Erbarmen - Der Italowestern "
A unknown western :“The triumph of the 7 desperadas” (Rudolf Zehetgruber) . Yes, the women are the heroines!

Also on ARTE :

The geat silence 04/27
Keoma 04/27

Yeah. It is already in the TV Ticker. Nevertheless thanks. But tell me: What does this have to do with DVDs? :wink:

Sorry, I didn’t look the TV Ticker.

Indeed, nothing to have with DVD’s : :-[

It doesn’t matter. Thanks for your help. If you wanna contribute just do it … and someday this will be the biggest Spag Western Pager ever seen. :smiley:

[quote=“Fredge, post:3, topic:43”]New dvd in Italia :

“Jonathan of ther Bears”

Italian version. Sorry, no english subtitles…[/quote]

Mamma Mia, what a kick in the butt. :frowning:

they already have an uncut Django DVD out.


Duello nel texas (Italian RHV DVD)

“Excellent print, italian or english track. 1.66 enhanced. Splendid colourscale, and here, we can see the Dallamano’s real influence about the next first Dollar shooting. The intensity of some close ups, the night enlightments, the use od the depth, are these devices which will explode in “Per un pugno di dollari”. Shoot one year before “Per un pugno di dollari” (spring 1963). The well known terrific shoot with, in background, a sort of Jeep which pass between two houses(probably a lost location hunter who is searching some unknown place bad indicated by spaniards)is striking.”

from the sw webboard

Box “Companeros” and “Viva la muerte, tua !” out in France (thanks to sw webboard)

Posted this about the two recent RHV discs at swwb about a week ago, but it’s of course already buried under several pages of stuff there. ;D

Region 0
Italian and English audio DD 2.0
No subtitles
Anamorphic widescreen 2.35:1 PAL
Length 1:30:02
Franco Giraldi interview, Italian audio with english subtitles, 14minutes
Some kind of alternate or deleted scenes with only music, anamorphic widescreen, 10minutes
English opening credits, anamorphic widescreen
Photo gallery

Screenshots: http://www.sundances.net/spaghetti/donnescr.php

Region 2
Italian and English audio DD 2.0
No subtitles
Anamorphic widescreen 1.66:1 PAL
Length 1:31:10
Photo gallery

Had some problems with this disc with my dvd-drive, took quite long for the disc to play and move from menu choices to another one, like the drive would have had problems recognizing the disc or something.

Screenshots: http://www.sundances.net/spaghetti/duelloscr.php

EDIT: RHV’s next release will be this: http://www.dvd.it/page/dett/arti/502340/nv/DVD/le_pistole_non_discutono.html No idea if it will have english audio, but there’s a very good possibility since I think their previous four spaghetti discs have had english track.

How is 7 DONNE PER I MAC GREGOR? Comedy western?

3 new releases from southern dvd

these on the 15th december

“moment to kill” george hilton

“and now make peace with GOD”

“finders killers”

end of december

“kill the wickeds”
“ferda west”

How do you like these idiots at Dutch Film Works?

[quote=“Bad Lieutenant, post:16, topic:43”]How do you like these idiots at Dutch Film Works?

It’s the poster from “django strkies again” they used in making this cover, isn’t it?

yeah. really smart guys over there. but hey, they’re releasing it. at least that’s something.

What is it now ? Django or Keoma ? Labels shouldn’t mix up titles and covers of movies that don’t have anything to do with each other (except for the same actor) !!!

It doesn’t even quite look like Franco Nero, or what do you think?
More like a guy resembling Nero.