[DVD] Latest and Upcoming Releases

(Bad Lieutenant) #1325

Are the German subs for the full Italian track, or only for the parts that lack German audio?

(Sebastian) #1326

please folks add all this info or confirmations, corrections, etc. in the SWDb proper as well, most imporantly

(Martin) #1327

• Enzo Peri, Tre pistole contro Cesare, 3 Pistolen gegen Cesare
German, Italian; German subtitles only for scenes omitted from the German theatrical print

(Bad Lieutenant) #1328


(Rutledal) #1329

Thank you very much, still in time for Christmas.

(Martin) #1330

Announced by Klagenfurt-based company SchröderMedia: DVD release of Corbucci’s (or Albert Band’s) I crudeli in March. No information on language options and subtitles as yet.

(Sebastian) #1331

interesting, wasn’t aware of that

(Martin) #1332

Neither was I, found out today.

(Martin) #1333

According to a post by Michael on the Dirty Pictures forum, this release is “not legal.” @stanton, you’re a member of that forum – do you have further information?

(Sebastian) #1334

Sounds like Koch is pissed that they bring out a bootleg while they are trying to do a HD remaster… damn bootlegers keep damaging the market

(Stanton) #1335

No, only what’s written there.

Koch wants to release it as Blu, and they informed the holder of the rights, so that that bootleg might not be released.

(Martin) #1336

Do you know in which way “Michael” is affiliated with Koch Media? I guess he’s Michael Hochhaus. By the way, stanton: a very nice new profile image you have there on the DP forum.

(Stanton) #1337

[quote=“Companero_M, post:1336, topic:43, full:true”]
Do you know in which way “Michael” is affiliated with Koch Media? I guess he’s Michael Hochhaus.[/quote]

Yes, he is.
Once he lived in Tijuana, now he’s the chief cook …

Alfred E.Neumann or Corto Maltese?

I just switched, cause this arrogant Neumann-smile mug makes one (and me too) wish to smash in.

(Martin) #1338

Corto, of course.

(Martin) #1339

Announced for April release: The Belle Starr Story / Il mio corpo per un poker (Piero Cristofani, Lina Wertmüller, 1968).

(Martin) #1340

According to albain on the Dirty Pictures forum, the SchröderMedia DVD of I crudeli is out now, and it has German and English audio.

(Stanton) #1341

And according to Koch Media, which are or were planing a release, it is a bootleg.

(Martin) #1342

Very strange.

(Sebastian) #1343

there is another movie they are releasing that filmArt has the rights to, which is also a bootleg. They are pursuing legal channels now to stop these… Schroedermedia has commented on the allegations on FB https://www.facebook.com/italocinema/photos/a.508352645907216.1073741830.507518665990614/1237798486295958/?type=3

(Sebastian) #1344

Everyone take a deep breath and then visit the Kino Lorber Facebook page