[DVD] Latest and Upcoming Releases

(Sebastian) #1344

Everyone take a deep breath and then visit the Kino Lorber Facebook page


Theatrical cut AND mono track? Check! :grinning:

(Sebastian) #1346

Jup https://www.spaghetti-western.net/index.php/Buono,_il_brutto,_il_cattivo,_Il/BluRay

(Søren) #1347

I think I’ll wait for the inevitable (I hope) UHD release of this. Not that I have a TV or player for it but that hasn’t stopped me before.

(Sebastian) #1348

The DVD version of the new GBU release can also be pre-ordered already

(Sebastian) #1349

It was pointed out to me that our DVD/BluRay news section could be updated better. Who can help out? https://www.spaghetti-western.net/index.php/Spaghetti_Western_DVD_news

(Sebastian) #1350

Made some smaller updates last night, can someone have a look if we missed things for 2018 that is already known?


(Søren) #1351

Well, I do hope that Dorado’s blu-ray release of Seven from Texas will appear this year :slight_smile:

(Søren) #1352

And Die Bud Spencer Gauner Box coming out in April contains God Forgives I Don’t on blu-ray:

(Sebastian) #1353

DVD info updated in sync with the BluRay info (see the other thread)

(Sebastian) #1354

Kino Lorber has announced a new 1-disc re-release release of GBU for March 5th… no Amazon link yet…


Wonder if it’s the Extended cut, or their fake theatrical cut.

(Sebastian) #1356

Guys and girls, please help out updating the release calendar on the SWDb… we neglected that, but people rely on it :slight_smile:

(The Man With a Name) #1357

As much as I’d like to see a new scan, I really appreciated their reconstructed theatrical cut.


It’s a decent HD upgrade of the 1998 MGM DVD if anything.
Props for the restored flip pan transition.

(The Man With a Name) #1359

That’s better than the extended cut for me and the mono sounds really good on the Blu-ray. I never would have bothered getting any Blu of the GBU if the extended cut was the only one available.

Imagine an Arrow release of the Dollars trilogy! I bet they’d give the GBU some justice.

(Sebastian) #1360

This looks… interesting :slight_smile:



The cover went off on a frolic of its own.


I’ve been dreaming of this for a few years now.

(Sebastian) #1363

quite the word I was looking for :slight_smile: