[DVD] Latest and Upcoming Releases

(Søren) #1304

Thanks for the info. But just to clarify: There aren’t subtitles throughout the movie and no English dub ?

(Mark) #1305

Assuming no English I’d say OFDb continues to be a pretty reliable source, they have had it listed with Italian and German audio only, while Alive,Amazon and others claimed English audio/dub available. The lack of it doesn’t surprise me but the false info is irritating.

(Stanton) #1306

That’s what he said, and his informations come direct from the label.

(Søren) #1307

Ok. Didn’t quite get the part about the English audio being available in general. Still don’t.

Only subtitling the parts with no German dub I don’t understand at all. What is the point of including the Italian dub then?

(Asa) #1308

I didn’t understand those parts either Søren. Although, in my defence, it’s the weekend and I’m chock-full of bourbon and amphetamines.* :slight_smile:

*Dramatization to make my life appear more windswept and interesting than it is. May only actually be full of sausage rolls and budget root beer.

(Søren) #1309

Haha. Either way you’re living the life :slight_smile:

(Martin) #1310

Okay, at the risk of repeating information already provided by Grinder and confirmed or at least supported by stanton’s post: according to two comparatively reliable sources (the Online-Filmdatenbank and a customer review on Amazon.de posted yesterday), the Wild Coyote DVD of Tre pistole contro Cesare presents two versions of the film,
• the German theatrical version and
• the longer, restored Italian version.
It has
German audio and
Italian audio;
• subtitles only for the parts originally missing from the German theatrical version; and those
subtitles are only in German.

How difficult can it be for a DVD company (or its distributor) to provide correct information on its own products? Apparently, very difficult, if not impossible. – Really annoying.

(Stanton) #1311

For the Italians? There are quite a lot living in Germany btw.

But you are right. All Spags should have subs taken from the original Italian version, especially as many German dubs are quite imaginative in staying far away from the Italian version.

(Grinder) #1312

@Stanton & Companero_M: Thanks for further explanation.

With my statement “English audio being available in general” I wanted to say that the english audio track in principle is available from english language releases (like the Greek VHS for instance).
This audio track was also present at Wild Coyote offices.
So, as they have not used the English Audio for the release I am sure that it was forbidden to include by the Italian license owner.
This is typical and always a problem for serious German labels like Explosive/Wild Coyote, Koch, Colosseo, etc.
Remember that many of the old Koch releases had the English track more or less as a “hidden feature”.

The German subtitels for the 9 minutes cut parts of the German theatralic Version make sense for sure because German viewers so could follow the whole movie without understanding Italian.
Anyway Stanton is right that there should be full movie subtitels for Italian language on any German release since German dubs in most cases are “special”. Unfortunately this was not considered for “Cesare”

Coming to the other new Wild Coyote release:

“Captain Apache” has German and English dub as well as English subtitels for the whole movie.
The print is very fine. Runtime is 89:39 Min PAL.
Extras are a slideshow with original posters and lobby cards, the US Trailer and the German opening credits.

Captain Apache (Alexander Singer, 1971)
(Stanton) #1313

English subs were often not mentioned on the cover, but I don’t remember that for an audio track too.

(Martin) #1314

Cover for the forthcoming Colosseo DVD release of A Coffin for the Sheriff:

(Grinder) #1315

Hm, I am not sure about which dvds. I`d have to check my collection.
From the top of my head one possible title could be…“Run man run” (Rainbow collection)

(Novecento) #1316

My guess is that if you translate the subs yourself then you don’t run into any copyright issues.

(Stanton) #1317

Nah, I think it is simply about the rights for English language options.

(Sundance) #1318

ABKCO Films will release Blindman on DVD and digital download on November 4th.
Sadly no Blu-Ray but the digital version will be available in HD as well.

HD mastered from the original 35mm Negative
5.1 Sountrack
2:35 Techniscope
Running Time 1 hr 45 min

The DVD will be a barebones release as it will have only English audio track and no extras. Region 1.

The digital version will be available at iTunes and Amazon.

The film will also have a couple of theatrical showings very soon:

(Jonny Powers) #1319

I’ve just got an old Cultcine copy which I think is sourced from the Koch release, so hopefully this will look noticeably better.

(Grinder) #1320

The two new Wild Coyote dvds “Jetzt sprechen die Pistolen” (Why go on killing) and “Die Unerbittlichen Vier” (The relentless four) have english audio option :slight_smile:

Here are some screenshots from “Die Unerbittlichen Vier”:

(Rutledal) #1321

Could someone remind me which of the Wild Coyote DVDs have English options? I’m looking to pick them up. I know 3 Guns for Caesar doesn’t, and I already have Sonara. But information on the other 5 varies from source to source. Help a brother out?

(Martin) #1322

Covers (slipcase and keep case) for Colosseo Film’s upcoming DVD release of Johnny Yuma:

(Martin) #1323

A little late: Wild Coyote DVDs – audio options, subtitles

• Alberto De Martino, Centomila dollari per Ringo, 100.000 Dollar für Ringo
English, German; no subtitles

• Antonio Margheriti, Joe l’implacabile, 4 Halleluja für Dynamit Joe
German, Italian; German subtitles for scenes omitted from the German theatrical print

• Julio Buchs, El hombre que mató a Billy el Niño, Sein Steckbrief ist kein Heiligenbild
English, German, Spanish; no subtitles

• Adelchi Bianchi: Buckaroo (il Winchester que non perdona), Buccaroo – Galgenvögel zwitschern nicht
German, Italian; German subtitles for scenes omitted from the German theatrical print

• Alexander Singer, Captain Apache
English, German; English subtitles

I have yet to watch Enzo Peri’s Tre pistole contro Cesare, 3 Pistolen gegen Cesare, Primo Zeglio’s I quattro inesorabili, Die unerbittlichen vier, and José Antonio de la Loma and Edoardo Mulargia’s ¿Por qué seguir matando? / Perché uccidi ancora, Jetzt sprechen die Pistolen. For the latter film three audio options – English, German, Italian – were confirmed by morgan and TucoBene.