[DVD] Latest and Upcoming Releases

(Bad Lieutenant) #1284

Ah, yes. Looks like shit, won’t be buying.


Four Wild Coyote DVD releases announced for September: Perché uccidi ancora, Captain Apache, I quattro inesorabili and Tre pistole contro Cesare.

(Sebastian) #1286

Great news, will add them to the Db

(Rutledal) #1287

That hopefully means English subtitles.

(Søren) #1288

Well according to their own site all the releases will have German and English dub and ditto subtitles. That doesn’t have to mean anything though :slight_smile:

(Farmer_J) #1289

Really exited about that last one.

(Søren) #1290

I’m excited about all of them apart from Captain Apache which I have on blu-ray from Kino Lorber.

The question is how much work Wild Coyote lays in the releases.

(Stanton) #1291

For Tre pistole against Cesare they will scan a German 35 mm master, but that runs only for 75 min. The master of the uncut version is in a not so good condition, but will most likely also put on the disc.

I’m only interested in the Mulargia film, which will be uncut and in a pretty good picture quality

That’s what I know so far…

(Søren) #1292

From Edel in Germany comes Un bounty killer a Trinità:

I have no idea about specs but probably German only.

(Sebastian) #1293

thanks, added it. At least according to the Amazon listing, it also has English audio, but I believe it only when I see it.

(Rutledal) #1294

They’re all listed with English at first and then only 50% of them end up having them. They all look like bootleg VHS tapes in quality so far.


Covers for the upcoming Wild Coyote DVDs:


Colosseo Film news: Mario Caiano’s Una bara per lo sceriffo / A Coffin for the Sheriff announced for November release.

(Mark) #1297

Hopefully the WC’s will be good prints with English dubs or subs, I’d like to pick up the Steffen and Hunter movies but will wait for reviews to confirm.


According to AL!VE, yes (except Captain Apache, only German and Italian audio). But (as we’ve learned from past experiences) the information given on the company’s website could be incorrect.

(Grinder) #1299

The “Captain Apache” release will have German and English audio. No Italian.
The information on the AL!VE page is wrong.

(Sebastian) #1300

bear in mind that Alive is only the distributor

(Mark) #1301

Exactly. I’m well aware of what the website says, I just don’t necessarily believe it.

(Col. Douglas Mortimer) #1302


Unholy Four on Blu Ray slated for late 2016 from Kino Lorber.

(Grinder) #1303

Here aresome screenshots from Wild Coyotes “Cesare”.
There are two versions on the dvd, German cut with 73:06 PAL and Italian long version with 82:34 PAL.
The print is really nice, only the inserts of the long version have less sharp quality. The last 3 shots are from the inserts:

Really a fine release but “only” with German and Italian Audio. Subtitels only for the German cut scenes.
Since the English Audio should be available in general, the missing may result in legal/license issues.
But the German dub really is enjoyable :sunglasses: