A Coffin for the Sheriff / Una bara per lo sceriffo (Mario Caiano, 1965)

An early revenge western starring Anthony Steffen. Simple story filled with action, without any surprises. Steffen is at his usual, Eduardo Fajardo is ,as usual, a good villain, this time more of a crazy type. I found the beating of Steffen’s character interesting, i thought it was one of the most savage beatings wintessed in the genre. De Masi’s score was OK i guess [i won’t say anything more about it - it seems everyone on this board , except me, is more or less a De Masi fan :stuck_out_tongue: ]. All in all an enjoyable movie. 6/10

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No, Alk0, I’m not
I usually say as little as possible about his scores

I’m a De Masi fan but must admit the song “A Lone and Angry Man” sung by Peter Tevic and the rest of the score are not among the maestro’s best works but still pretty much ok.

Concerning the movie, I’ll have to rewatch it in order to state an opinion. Don’t remember much about it, it’s been some time since I’ve last seen it. I own the German UFA video release (Joe Logan sieht rot), which is only running 77min. ! I suppose it’s severly cut, the violence pruned down !? Which version did you watch Alk0 ?

I liked this film alot. ALot of Steffen’s movies are average, but this is one of the better ones.

I have just rewatched this flic and even though the beating of AS is almost entirely cut from my version, it still remains a quite violent film. Certainly one of De Teffe’s better movies. Worth a watch !!!

P.S.: The running time on the cover below 85/95min. ??

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Rip of japanese SPO DVD, is it uncut?

Saw this one today. Not bad, not very good either. Surely more American than Spaghetti, didn’t notice anything particularly violent except for the beating scene, but even that one wasn’t THAT violent…The dubbing at some moments was also quite bad. Pretty doubtful to watch it again 5,5/10

Another average early example of the genre, this one wavers all over the place at first and has some phony looking fistfights and as Ion says film isn’t dubbed that well.Story is a familar one and has the feel of an amercian western.The so called “brutal beating” of Anthony Steffen is nothing(at least in the version i saw) standard stuff.

I agree, this is a pretty dull movie, I think.

I actually enjoyed this one. It’s a pretty solid, no frills, middle of the road kind of Spaghetti for me. Nothing overly impressive but entertaining throughout and just right for Steffen. A typical Caiano film for me. He was never inspired as a director but always competent and delivered something worth your time.

I liked Fajardo best in this though. Strange how blonde hair in Spaghettis always intensifies the position of the bad guy.

The score is very nice

Not so much the cheesy theme song perhaps

But the rest of the music, with the acoustic guitar

Just watched this for the first time. What Phil said.

I just watched this one and it’s one of the top Steffen SWs for me.

All Steffen features are perfeclty used, especially him being beaten to crap.

One thing missing to me in a revenger like that was the obligstory flashback.
One scene too much for me was the end with the old man. Completely superfluous.

This early sw means that Steffen is in his small hat mode, but he still looks good in this - doing his spaghetti stuff well enough in what Phil refers to “a solid, no frills, middle of the road kind of spaghetti”.
I’ll quote Weisser here as well - “This time, it’s a sheriff with a chequered past against the always (“I’m a respectable businessman”) oily Eduardo Fajardo. Initially, the scared townspeople side with Russell (Fajardo) but eventually they come to the aid of the sheriff.”
Doesn’t really tell you much, except here’s another film Weisser hadn’t seen.
Fajardo is good as the leathery, sweaty gang member that did unspeakable things to Steffen’s wife (yeah, flashbacks would’ve been good) - and he slobbers and dribbles well at the end, which always looks good (thinking Tomas Milian here in The Bounty Hunter). The beating was in the version I watched, which was the Japanese SPO one which clocks in at 85 and a bit minutes which is therefore longer than Bluntwolf’s German UFA video (77 mins) mentioned, so this looks like the version to watch. The American feel has also been mentioned, but I thought the film mostly sw in flavour (particularly as this is an early entry), and unlike some, I also enjoyed the song. And talking of enjoyment, I think it may be appropriate to include some pictures of Luciana Gilli, as Jane - who had some very nice blouses.

“OK - I’ll take my blouse off if you get rid of that stupid hat”
(These captions get everywhere ;))

The lone review on imdb mentions the innapropriateness of the title, but there is a sheriff shot and killed - but the death alluded to is a metaphorical one as Steffen takes his badge and places it in the stone trough at the end. He remained a sheriff only long enough to avenge his wife’s death. (Anybody seeing that laughable Dutch poster we have in the database of Steffen pulling a coffin Django-stylee would have been disappointed methinks)!

Half marks from me - rounded up to 3 outa 5 for the marks system, and the dribble.
(Oooh - and for these bad boys as well!) :o :wink:

Yes, the SPO is supposed to be uncut, like most if not all of these Japanese discs. And those blouses are often more sexy than seeing the girls naked.

Apart from the blouse Coffin for the Sheriff is for the most time only a routine and often boring film, but then it surprisingly builds up to an exciting finale, which somehow saves this Spagie a bit. I gave it a 3/5, but a 2,5 would be more appropriate.

Nothing outstanding. The finale was great though. I think the addition of the old man was a bit much and Luciana Gilli was beautiful. Overall I enjoyed it, but doubt I would need to revisit it again anytime soon.

You were relatively new to the genre, right?

Funny: I have been a fan of the genre for about forty years now, and still haven’t watched this one …

There are not many reasons to watch this one, except if you want to cross another Steffen spaghetti of the list.

Yeah, pretty new. I like Anthony Steffen so I’ll probably give all his westerns a watch. If you never get around to giving this one a peek you wouldn’t be missing anything.


Wish it had just been left to Steffen and Fajardo to play it straight. Cut out all the nonsense with the old codger and I would like this one a lot.