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(Sebastian) #1264

website is dead or broken

(Jonny Powers) #1265

That’s strange. It seems like their whole site is down.
I saved the sell sheet pdf, just uploaded it to my dropbox: https://www.dropbox.com/s/8ewwict1o9957zc/54465.pdf?dl=0

The website listing of the dvd had dates and summaries of the films as well

(Sebastian) #1266

Yea I have the sheet, but it’s not like the sheet has a whole lot of info on it. I asked them for confirmation and specs once they have 'em

(Jonny Powers) #1267

Well, the site listing came up for me again. I decided to copy and paste the info here if that changes:

Program Details
Starring:Fred Beir, Anthony Steffen, Jeff Cameron
Co-Starring:Fernanco Sancho, Evy Marandis, Daniel O’Brien
Run Time:6 Hours 1 Minute
Rating:No Rating
Region Code:Region 1
Street Date:03-01-2016

Packaging Details
Number of Discs:1
Product Height (in):7.5
Product Width (in):5.25
Product Depth (in):0.625
Product Weight (oz):3.5
Carton Height (in):17.75
Carton Width (in):7.625
Carton Depth (in):5.625
Carton Weight (lbs):7
Carton Qty:30Distributed By:Mill Creek EntertainmentCatalog Title:Paid In Blood - 4 Vengeful Western FilmsCatalog URL:http://www.millcreekent.com/paid-in-blood-4-vengeful-western-films.html


4 Westerns Full of Revenge!

4 Dollars of Revenge (1966)
aka "Four Dollars for Vengeance"
Robert Woods, Dana Ghia, Antonio Casas
While transporting Confederate gold, bandits kill a regiment of soldiers except Captain Dexter. He is falsely accused of the ambush and sent to prison. Dexter escapes and tracks down the gang of thugs.

3 Dollars of Lead (1964)
aka "Damned Pistols of Dallas"
Fred Beir, Evy Marandis, Jesus Puente
The people of Red River live in fear of a gang of bandits who claim to own their lives and property. A bounty hunter comes to save the day but the ultimate reward is only three dollars lead.

7 Dollars to Kill (1966)
aka "Seven Dollars on the Red"
Anthony Steffen, Fernando Sancho, Loredana Nusciak
A cowboy searching many years for the bandit who murdered his wife and kidnapped their newborn son… when he finally gets the revenge he wanted, his son will be against him.

Paid in Blood (1971)
aka "Quelle Sporche Anime Dannate"
Jeff Cameron, Daniel O’Brien, Krista Nell
When his brother is robbed and murdered, a lonely cowboy seeks revenge. But his brother’s girlfriend might have helped the famous gunman, Ringo. Let the bullets fly!

(Sebastian) #1268

and I just got this info from them:

We have two discs with the same films, one in Spanish and one in English, here are the info for both:

Total Runtime: 6 Hours 1 Minute
4 Dollars of Revenge – 88 min. (1:27:37)
3 Dollars of Lead – 90 min. (1:29:02)
7 Dollars to Kill – 95 min. (1:34:57)
Paid in Blood – 88 min. (1:27:56)

Aspect Ration:
4 Dollars of Revenge – 1.33:1 Full Frame
3 Dollars of Lead – 1.78:1 Anamorphic Widescreen
7 Dollars to Kill – 1.78:1 Anamorphic Widescreen
Paid in Blood – 1.33:1 Full Frame

No subtitles or bonus features, 1 disc

And this is the spanish artwork

(Søren) #1269

3 Dollars of Lead in widescreen sounds somewhat promising, but wasn’t 4 Dollars of Revenge also in widescreen on the blu-ray double feature they put out or am I remembering it wrong? It’s states as being in full frame above.

(Farmer_J) #1270

Italian release of Sartana Killed Them All. Out on March 16th from “Twelve Entertainment”

(carlos) #1271

The rejected Koch print maybe? which looked pretty good to me :smile:
Projected release for June 14 (by Christmas, maybe) :wink:

(Sebastian) #1272

cool, added it to the Db

(Rutledal) #1273

Brilliant, just wish I hadn’t bought the Koch disc of Massacre already.

(Gritz) #1274

Is that German Label White Pearl actually releasing an uncut DVD of A Bullet For Sandoval? That I might have to pick up if uncut.

(Farmer_J) #1275

Don’t get your hopes up. White Pearl are notorious for using VHS rips on their so called “remastered” classics.

(carlos) #1276

The Gr8ful Eight Box from Koch

Contains the same DVDs as the Western Unchained Box except for Quien sabe instead of Yankee.

(Sebastian) #1277

thanks for adding! can someone also add the box to the individual dvd pages of those movies?

(Lorenzo) #1278

Edel Germany releases “Voltati… ti uccido” aka “If One Is Born a Swine”: http://www.italo-cinema.de/582-edel-germany-100-000-verdammte-dollar-im-juli

(Søren) #1279

Very nice. Hopefully it will have the Italian dub and German subtitles. Can’t hope for more with Edel I guess.

(Jonny Powers) #1280

Yes, it was, I’ve got the blu ray for that myself. I haven’t actually bought this set, not on amazon for some reason, though it’s been released on some other DVD websites. Apparently it’s piss-poor quality with all 4 films being put on one disc. First releases for Damned Pistols of Dallas and Quelle Sporche Anime Dannate though. Found a review on Rock! Shock! Pop!: http://www.rockshockpop.com/forums/content.php?5996-Paid-In-Blood-4-Vengeful-Westerns&commentid=133270

(Søren) #1281

Thanks for the info. Despite the lousy quality I’ll probably pick the release up at some point just for those two releases.

(Bad Lieutenant) #1282

Screenshots would be greatly appreciated

(Søren) #1283

There’s a couple of screenshots if you follow the link Johnny_Powers posted.