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Thanks. I went ahead and bought this release last week. Even though I expected it to be less than stellar I don’t have a great DVD of FYG so I thought it was worth buying given the low price.


I only have the Spanish DVD, and it’s pretty bad. So i’ll probably get this.


Same that’s why I picked this up. I love both films too so I’m not complaining.

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Kino putting out a blu of the Hellbenders:


A bit of a sticky wicket and a total mystery to me. – Only kevenz and I have noticed/reported English-audio sync problems on Colosseo Film’s Black Jack Blu-ray Disc.

All other forum members who posted about the Black Jack BD had no problems with its English audio track (makesthemovie, tomas).

Using the same equipment as for playing Blu-rays (Sony BDP S-1700 Blu-ray Disc / DVD player, JBL Bar Studio soundbar, Philips 6262 series TV), I’ve checked the English audio track on an older version of Black Jack I have (AVI file, runtime: 1:32:03) and on a recent rip (presumably) of Colosseo’s Blu-ray Disc (MKV). Both English audio tracks are perfectly in sync with their respective video tracks.

The Colosseo Black Jack Blu-ray Disc being the only disc I have with an audio sync problem and having no explanation whatsoever for that particular problem, I gave my copy to a friend last week and asked him to check the English audio track. He watched it on his son’s PlayStation and … yes, the English audio track is fine, flawlessly in sync.


Hell yeah! I love this film.


I watched it years ago and I remember not liking it that much, but a rewatch via HD might help me change my mind a bit.

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Mill Creek double feature: Gatling Gun looks quite good, Fort Yuma Gold less so… Confirmed region free

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@ChrisCasey, in a Facebook post I am quoting below (slightly shortened), confirms our suspicions that Kino’s FAFDM is not as uncut as the German BluRay. He is however very happy about the extras.

If you want the closest thing to a TRULY uncut version of this fine film, you’d better get the German Blu-Ray that was released a few years back. If you already have the German Blu-Ray…don’t get rid of it!
The Kino release is just an upgraded version of the already existent MGM/UA Blu-Ray that’s been on the market for a number of years.
What does that mean? Well, apart from it meaning that those folks on the SWDB forum were absolutely correct in their assumptions—it also means the IMPORTANT dialogue exchange at the end of the “beating scene” is still missing. This is the exchange where Indio tells his men to stop beating Col. Mortimer and Manco, tie them up, and so on…then Groggy asks him, “Why let 'em live?”, to which Indio replies, “All things in their own time.” This inexplicably chopped bit exists in the version on the German Blu-Ray I mentioned …and it is in English. So, I am not sure why the folks working on this non-restoration couldn’t take it from that source and slip it into this new, supposedly uncut…supposedly restored, version.
So, with that exchange of dialogue missing in this version, as in previous MGM/UA versions since the first DVD release, the beating scene ends abruptly and jump cuts to the dialogue where Indio starts talking about what the sheriff in El Paso is likely doing in response to their hold up. It is, at best, a jarring transition. And, for me, wrecks Leone’s film.
Now, all that grumbling aside, they DID finally fix the thunderclap problem in Eastwood’s entrance scene! Yay!
The second thunderclap occurs when Eastwood looks up and we first see his face—exactly like it is supposed to! At least, it is this way in the two new audio mixes (one a multi-channel mix, the other a 2 channel mix) available on this release; but, not on the third (mono) mix.
HOWEVER!! The thunder rolls too long, because the bit where Eastwood steps forward to lead his horse up to the front of the Saloon is still missing.
As for the audio mixes—thankfully, they didn’t monkey around with the gunshot sounds and the like, so they aren’t silly like the remixes done for the Blu-Ray release of THE GOOD, THE BAD & THE UGLY awhile back. I opted for the new 2 channel mix, though, because on my playback unit the multi-channel mix sounded a bit thin.

And for dramatic effect

There is, honestly, some VERY GOOD news about this release and here it is: The special features are really, really great!!
This time around, someone at Kino actually did some quality checking before they released the disc. The old features from previous DVD releases were transferred nicely and look good.
The new special feature with Alex Cox roaming around many of the Spanish locations was a lot of fun, especially if you have been to them… And the new photo galleries, by Mike Siegel are excellent… they are superb, extensive, and cool!
SO! The bottom line? The image looks astoundingly wonderful! But, it isn’t UNCUT as advertised. And I wouldn’t go around calling it a restoration, if it was me; because there is still some stuff missing. Yes, they upgraded the same old MGM/UA version … but they didn’t RESTORE anything. However, I still recommend the release for the sterling special features!

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I just got the chance to watch this release for myself. It’s seriously nice looking. Chris Casey isn’t messing around when he say’s the image looks good. It’s phenomenal, it’s noticably brighter and more colorful than the MGM release. Sound quality is super nice too. I’m planning on fixing my computer up with a blu ray drive so I can get screenshots of the Kino Dollar’s films and make a little review for the set.

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Anyone know of any new announcements recently?

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Nope :slight_smile: I’ve encountered nothing.

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Has anyone seen the Arrow 4k bluray and the Finnish UHD bluray of Django?

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As far as I know it’s a budget release without any extras and only with english audio.

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Just got the Keoma release today. It looks absolutely amazing. And the audio is super crisp and clear so I can actually understand the dialogue now. The extras are amazing as well. The interview with Castellari is a real treat and really surprised me that a massive portion of the film was shot without a screenplay. This release trumps anything else we have boys. Get it while it’s hot. (Or before Arrow gets in another lawsuit lol)

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Speaking of that, has there been any progress in the rights dispute? Will we ever get another release of the Arrow Django in USA/Canada?

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no idea :frowning:

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Even though you can’t get the physical blu ray, you can at least pay to stream Arrows scan on youtube.


Keoma review: