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(Sundance) #2609

The beating scene is almost half a minute longer on the uncut German disc. There’s about 6 seconds more when Clint is approaching the saloon in the beginning. And Indio’s laughter is longer when he escapes the prison. And a couple of other minor cuts I think.

Here’s a video about the issues (Cut footage and audio mix) in the scene introducing Manco:

(Sebastian) #2610

I thought not even that is completely uncut

(Nick) #2611

To be honest, those cuts and edits seems really minor in the grand scheme of the movie. I mean if we were talking about some Black Cauldron censoring and cuts, then I’d understand what all the fuss was about.


There’s also missing dialogue in the scene where Manco & Mortimer are getting beaten.

(Stanton) #2613

The German Blu is still supposed to be the uncut version.

The missing stuff is indeed not important enough for me to buy a new disc only for that reason.

(Sundance) #2614

I realize it’s a kinda shitty movie by an average director and of not much importance but I think even it deserves to have a release presenting it the way it was meant to be. (Not a reply to you Stanton or anyone specific. :stuck_out_tongue: )

I have 5 DVDs and two or three Blus of this now. I just find it ridiculous if I need to buy a VHS tape from the 80s to see it uncut with proper English audio mix (but of course the VHS has the huge problem of 4:3 pan&scan).

Maybe you’re thinking about the DVD? The German DVD that came out… more than 10 years ago(?) was supposed to be uncut but they still missed some shots in the beating scene at least. But as far as I know… the Blu is complete? But the English audio still has some problems.

(Nick) #2615

Really? What kind of dialogue? Is it sort of incidental or does it add any weight to the scene? I’m genuinely curious.


Volonté says something rather minor to Brega I think.

Do you not own the MGM release? All that additional footage is an extra on there. I presume everyone had seen that.

(Nick) #2617

Really? Shit I guess I’ve got some premature dementia or something because I don’t remember seeing that at all, and the MGM release is the only release I’ve ever owned. I’ll have to look at at the bonus features again lol.

(Sebastian) #2618

So do we have more reliable info by now if and what the precise potential issues with this new release might be beyond speculation?


While I’ve read that the GBU release isn’t perfect, (I do own it, I just haven’t watched it yet) I’m still glad somebody finally released the theatrical cut in HD, so get points from me for that regardless of any imperfections.


To the untrained eye, I guess it’s close enough to the theatrical cut. If only they used the laserdisc edition as their reference.


It’s still better than nothing.


There would be no activity on this forum if we had nothing to nitpick.


I’ve just recieved the Blackjack Blu Ray, and while I’m absolutely no expert on the technology side of things, I’ve just checked the English dub and it seems absolutely fine to me.


Germany’s Explosive Media announced standard retail editions of Adios Sabata and Return of Sabata. Ironically, the standard editions are actually a little more expensive than the special editions :wink:

(Søren) #2625

This is just standard amazon-procedure. Start out with something like full retail price for preorders which will end a lot lower before they are finally released. Can see that the ‘old’ edition of Sabata kehrt zurück is available for under 10 euro a few places so these new ones will end up there I gather.

(Sebastian) #2626

Amazon doesn’t set the prices however, but whenever you release a new product, you’re starting at around 17 or so bucks. At some point, stuff is out of print or you have overstock, then you reduce prices or third party sellers underbid your original listing. To the visitor, it looks like Amazon is tinkering prices, but you’re just not seeing the original seller’s price anymore

(Søren) #2627

I know that :slight_smile: All I mean is you shouldn’t take the first prices at face value. They will drop before the movie is finally released.


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