[Blu-ray] Latest and Upcoming Releases

(David ) #2649

Wish Keoma got released with alternate soundtrack :joy:

No SWs announced from Arrow this month, overall disapointing I would say.


The Grand Duel review:


Has anyone come across any new info on the many releases Koch Media is planning on this year and with Artus’ other two Western announcements? I pre-ordered Artus’ Mediabook of The Ugly Ones with Tomas Milian directly from their site (the price was too good to pass up) and am planning on pre-ordering their release of A Dollar Between the Teeth aka A Stranger in Town. I was planning on pre-ordering them together, but I wanted to make sure my new debit card worked right before I made big purchases.

(Sebastian) #2652

none so far aside from what’s been posted at the beginning of the year. since they have already announced (in forums) everything up to june/july, I suspect it’ll be in the fall or winter when something gets released.

(kevenz) #2653

Keoma Blu Ray:

Mill Creek:



Mill Creek image looks better IMO.


There’s a little more frame info with the Arrow version, but little difference in overall image quality.
Plus, I think the price for these releases is getting way out of order … £26 approx.! No way am I even half interested.
I’ve seen Nero and Castellari interviews on this movie before … and I frankly don’t care about some ‘Joe Bloggs - Video Essay’
To me, it’s an average B movie at best … so I’m not getting sucked into buying a so called ‘Special Edition’ at these ludicrous prices.


Mill Creek’s is brighter but that’s about it.
Arrow’s looks far more natural.


To be fair to companies like Arrow, Criterion, Eureka!, etc, they put the upmost high quality effort into their releases and never skimp on any aspect of the release. These companies are film lovers giving other film lovers releases that might not see the light of day anywhere else. Yes, the price can be a little much at times, but because they do such a fine job every time I don’t mind paying $25-28 on Amazon. In the long run I think it’s quality over quantity.


They do an excellent job, agreed … but ALL costs are going back to the customers. If a film like ‘Keoma’ can be released by Mill Creek, at a minimal price or given away free on DVD in Spanish and Greek newspapers, then the licencing fee must be next to nothing.

The companies in question who release this material aren’t your buddies doing you a favour - they’re making a very decent profit, or they wouldn’t exist … targeting hardcore fans and selling them a product that they all ready own multiple copies of is a pretty nifty marketing trick.

Just wait a few years, and these titles will be reissued in UHD 4K versions, making the current releases obsolete.

Each to their own … but I am not playing along with this game. :smiley:

(Søren) #2659

But then the price doesn’t matter if you don’t want to buy the release at all anyways?

By the way I only paid just over $26 including shipping from the States. Not a fabolous price, agreed, but closer to £20 than £26. Sometimes amazon isn’t the cheapest option.

Some releases will come out on UHD of course but everything? I doubt it very much.



(Nick) #2661

Totally understandable. It get’s a bit tiring to have to shell out money for the same film over and over again. But I’ll be honest Arrows release finally does it right. The release looks and sounds a million times better than Blu Underground and Mill Creeks releases.

(Piripero) #2662

A million times better!? That has to be hyperbole. Looking at the screen captures above, the difference is not spectacular, but more to the point, I watched the Mill Creek Keoma and Grand Duel on an 8 foot wide screen and was impressed by the quality of both. I just can’t imagine the new scans being vastly superior.

I think I’m something of a perfectionist and suffer from collector-completism, but feel we’re up against the law of diminishing returns here.


I guess like with everything else how the picture quality appears depends on the eye of the person watching. So far many of the films I’ve seen on both DVD and Blu Ray, the majority of the Blu Rays have had a crisper and more detailed look to them. I’m a little bit of a perfectionist myself, but I try to go into every Blu Ray viewing not expecting to be blown away by the image quality, but a good bit of the time I am :wink: For me I just look for good quality filming style, good acting, and fine sounding audio with the Italian tracks.

(Nick) #2664

I guess I’m way over exaggerating on the image quality, though you have to admit that there is more detail in Arrows release,

This I agree with. I can’t imagine much more we can get from another release of this film besides it being in 4k or some other larger resolution.

(Søren) #2665

Apparently Synapse Films is going to release Django the Bastard on blu-ray.


I saw that on the TBA 2019 and Beyond section of the Blu Ray news page. It’s been there a while too it seems. Is there any hint that Synapse is definitely moving forward with it for later this year, early 2020?

(Søren) #2667

I got it from this post on Facebook so sounds like we will see it this year:


Very nice!! :smiley: I hope they include the original Italian audio with translated subtitles as I missed out on an earlier DVD double bill of it and Boot Hill that had the Italian audio included (still kicking myself for that one). Looks good to me. :smile: