A Minute to Pray, a Second to Die / Un minuto per pregare, un istante per morire (Franco Giraldi, 1968)


Kino should just stick to releasing silent horror films.

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Thanks guys :relaxed: I appreciate the compliments but it sure would be nice to see these films properly released. I suppose I could start my own company, Sober Midwest :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Still trying to catch up on this new forum format and quite a lot of posts I’ve missed over the years… life has been busy


Howdy autephex, haven’t seen you on CG in an age either … I’m the same aldo :wink:

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Hey aldo! Good to see ya still kickin! Yeah I have been laying low although still lurking in the back :male_detective:.

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Hello autephex! Do you remember me? You helped me out with some things on here years ago.

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Good ol’ Kino. I’ll stick with the cheap MGM DVD and RL rip unfortunately.

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Welcome back mate. Nice to see you around again.

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@Djangoisme is at it again with a closer look at the latest release of the film:


(ENNIOO) #209

Well thanks again for the version you put together.

(Stanton) #210

It seems that Colosseo is interested to check all different versions of the film, and to release maybe a composit-version, or to include different material at least as bonus on the disc.

Maybe Aute can recap his knowledge about the differences.

It would also be helpul if the member @Tabernas would contact me.

(Nick) #211

According to the same guy it won’t be a composite release. They’ve apparently got the real deal, or at least that’s what I’m getting from him.

(The Man With a Name) #212

Never watched this one before. I was going to buy the Kino release but I think I’ll wait for the German one.

(Grinder) #213

To avoid any misunderstanding again:
Colosseo is scanning a master of 119 Min. This is the orignal Italian version.
But since there are many different cuts (Germany, Spain, France, UK and especially US) they like to check as many versions as possible.
If there are additional and important scenes (like a scene of 3 Min after the credits that Stanton has described) they will try to consider this on their release, if possible.
This could be an “extended version” as extra…more information will follow soon.

(autephex) #214

The version I edited together was 118min @ 23.976 fps… so if they are scanning a 119min cut, then that is pretty sweet my friends :grinning:

I mostly remember the different scenes as I looked at the dang thing so much, but I can go back over it to get them all for sure if it helps. If they have a 119min version, surely its the full cut.

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Of course I remember ya Ghost_of_Sartana… I always remember everyone here, even if I’m not around in recent years

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Here’s a video I just clipped together of all the edits from my composite, save a couple cuts that are just a couple seconds of horses standing around and whatnot…

Seeing as how this video is 44min, maybe you just want to watch the whole movie instead :grimacing:

All the many cuts in this one are interesting though, and its kind of a study in why studios might make cuts to a film for release to different audiences… scenes such as the peasants standing in the bread line, which the camera pans across showing how long the line is, but is trimmed down in the US cut


I don’t need this vid, as I’ve seen the project, which is an exceptional piece of work, plus a much better movie, for the inclusion of missing scenes. Much appreciation :+1: