A Minute to Pray, a Second to Die / Un minuto per pregare, un istante per morire (Franco Giraldi, 1968)


Well I wasn’t expecting much but I really enjoyed this, even if it was rather americanised. I was also very impressed by the MGM DVD, great quality!

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But you know that it is a heavily cut version with a wrong ending?

The original Italian version is more spagish.

I wish Koch would release a composite version of this with all scenes.


Yeah i was aware of the silly happy ending, I’d also like to see The Hills Run Red with its original ending.

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But that one was never released.

Or … ehmm … was it in Italy?

I don’t think that the MGM ending of A Minute to Pray is silly, but it was a positive one. The original one was kinda surprising and a bit arbitrary, which makes it interesting.

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Yes it was, but the original version isn’t easy to find.

I know there’s an old recording from Italia 1 TV station, but I don’t have it.

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So I’ve enjoyed this soundtrack quite a bit, even though not many of you are too fond of Rustichelli. I recently found out that Rustichelli pulled inspiration from classical music (he created a very intimidating rendition of Dies Irae in Dio Perdona… Io No). Though instead of using Verdi this time, he lifts straight from Tchaikovsky’s first movement of the Manfred Symphony.

Ansia Tragica, the opening titles from Rustichelli’s soundtrack, is exactly the same as the first several minutes of Tchaikovsky’s Manfred symphony.

Atmosfera Angosciosa the rumbling action theme, is also at the very end of of the first movement of the Manfred symphony.

Thought you all might enjoy this little bit of trivia.


this is on my list, now that school is over.


good spaghetti western with many familiar names ( Robert Ryan, Nicolettta Machiavelli, Arthur Kennedy, and the fabulous Mario Brega,)

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Watched this one again last night myself. I seem to like it more and more now that autephex’s composite has cleared up the patchy editing from the MGM DVD release. And of course the proper ending helps too.

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In the section DVD news I read that the Label Kino Lorber is planing to release the Giraldi Western A minute to pray, a second to die. I am already very excited which quality it has and if they could realize an uncut version. Does anybody knows already some details about the upcoming release?

Also the composite version is cut. The German TV version does contains some shots which are longer. E.G. when MC Cord and Fred are leaving the monastery you can see in the German Version how MC Cord walks down the stairs longer.

Since the English and Spanish versions of the film do not contain this scene, I’m curious if the upcoming official DVD or Blu Ray contains this scene. It would be like a miracle if a cinema negative had survived in absolute uncut length, or if it ever existed.

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I hadn’t realized until reading up on this now that this was originally intended for Sergio Corbucci…

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How is that?

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It’s in Giusti and quoted by Scherp here

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As expected, the new Kino Lorber Blu contains only the MGM cut, the 98 min version:


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Aw man… finally a blu and its not restored. What the heck dudes :cowboy_hat_face:

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Welcome back, fella! It’s been awhile!

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Welcome back, autephex! Nice to see you back, hopefully you’ll stick around.:wink:

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I don’t know….but in 2018, if you’re going to release a movie on blu ray, please release the uncut version.

This is ridiculous.

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Well, thanks to autephex’s composite editions of A Minute to Pray and El Puro, we can appreciate these films in their full glory. Best versions around. It’d be undoubtedly nice to see both of these released uncut in Blu-ray format though.