A Minute to Pray, a Second to Die / Un minuto per pregare, un istante per morire (Franco Giraldi, 1968)

I haven’t seen this one, have read that it’s not so spaghetti-like, is this true?

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I have the DVD but haven’t had a chance to watch it yet. Yes it’s a bit more american but still a gritty movie, from what I’ve heard not that bad

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Shobarys site has a new review of it.

I’ve got it. A honest western between the american style and the SW.

Not a masterpiece, but still a good western to see…

Yes, I’ve read Shobarys review, just wanted to see what you guys had to say.

Merci, Fredge.

Good film but there’s two alternative endings for this film and the MGM dvd has the “happy end”. I would love to see the other one too.

Ok, sounds interesting, do you know if that version exists somewhere else?

just watched the DVD. I was surprised. A really excellent film, great acting, great music and nice action.
the DVD has good quality also.

Does Nicoletta Machiavelli have a big part in this film?

not really. I mean it’s more than a cameo and there is also a small love scene but her role is really marginal

This movie is way above average. Maybe a little bit American but that doesn’t matter. I didn’t know there’s an alternative ending. I have a TV-version with an unhappy ending, probably the video release ! How’s the happy ending ??? Does Mc Cord survive ???

in the happy ending he survies, its a bit too “green” for me looks like it was all shot in Italy but its ok.

I own the DVD and have watched it a number of times on TV over the years.I think it is a very good semi SW with a good soundtrack albiet a little repitive at times. I like the fact it has a different storyline than most SW’s but the downfall is there is no-one really to root for here…I think Alex Cord given the chance would have done well if he had continued to make SW’s…he was a rising star at the time and has largely dissapeared.


i enjoyed the film i have the mgm happy version. it does have a semi american feel but bruno did conduct a great score and it has a pile of reguler spag faces. alex cord is no jean-louis but he did a pretty good job.well worth checking out if for nothing else looking for familiar faces in mario bregas esperansa gang.

With or without happy end, it seems no one has seen the original version which runs 118 min, 20 longer than the MGM DVD, 25 longer than the German version. A shame.
It’s even in this chopped versions a very interesting picture with an unusual atmosphere, but it suffers from the cuts, which lead to rhytmic problems in the development of the story. The same problem as in the cut versions of spaghettis like Quien sabe, The Long Days of Vengeance, God forgives, I Don’t, the Sollima films and many, many others.
Both cut versions contain different scenes, and the happy end was simply made by omiting the last 4 min.

It would be nice to see the longer version, all i have is the U.S mgm dvd

I would also like to see a fuller version to this film, as it is not a bad film really.

Not to keen on the music though.

Nice atmosphere to the film, and Robert Ryan was such an interesting actor to watch, and one of my best characters in THE WILD BUNCH.

Not a perfect, but a very interesting spaghetti western.

Alex Cord is an outlaw on the run who hears rumours about the governor of New Mexico offering people like him a pardon (and 50 dollars to make a new start) in the town of Tuscosa. But bounty hunters are gathering in the town of Escondido, organizing manhunts and ambushing runaways on their way to their redemption.

With outlaws as victims and bounty killers as ruthless murderers, the film seems a companion piece to Corbucci’s Il Grande Silenzio. Like Trintignant, Cord has a handicap: he suffers from paralytic seizures (and fears to be an epileptic) which make him, the fastest gun around, temporarily defenceless against his enimies. All people who help him are killed and in the end the governor has to team up with him to fight off the bounty killers.

With the presence of Alex Cord, Robert Ryan and Arthur Kennedy, the film has an unmistakenly American feel, but the outrageous violence, including extended torture scenes and the killing of a priest and a women, mark it as a spaghetti western. The presentation of upholding the law as an uneasy combination of idealism and merely legal (and eventually illegal) butchery reminded me of some of Eastwood’s work, especially HANG 'M HIGH (released the same year, so it seems unlikely that it was influenced by this one) and UNFORGIVEN. There are a few flashbacks that even reminded me vaguely of HIGH PLAINS DRIFTER.

I saw a DVDr from Cine City. It runs 99 mins - so I guess the MGM R1 version was used as source material - and has the alternative ending (5 mins) added on as an extra. Video quality of the DVDr was acceptable, but not great. The image was quite sharp but not completely stable, notably during pans. The added on ending was taken from an inferior source, most certainly a VHS. This ending is closer to the ending of our reverend’s El Puro, allthough far more sadistic.

With a total running time of some 104 mins still some 10 or 15 mins are missing, leading to abrupt transitions, both in video and audio. I was pleased by most performances; the three leads are excellent and Mario Brega has one of his finest hours as the leader of the human predators. I wasn’t impressed by the score, even though it was signed Bruno Nicolai.

This one’s on my ever growing pile of ‘to see’ movies. I think based on this review it’ll move up the list and get a viewing this weekend. Sounds interesting.

Great SW. I agree; Alex Cord was very good in this one.