Wild East Productions

(Phil H) #1962

Looks good mate :sunglasses:

(Søren) #1963

Very nice indeed amigo. Well done.

(Asa) #1964

Looks fine on my laptop, on my wife’s iPad… even looks good on my sh*tty Windows phone, and that usually manages to screw everything up :slight_smile: .

(Jonny Powers) #1965

All looks fine except Beyond the Law and Ben and Charlie are much smaller than the others.

(Sebastian) #1966

Yea I have no idea why though, but I might just go and rename the files and trick the cache… weird issue. The two aren’t the only ones, either

(Mark) #1967

Excellent. Looks good.Thank you.

(The Man With a Name) #1968

Wild East’s Gentleman Killer was a huge disappointment. I tried changing the aspect ratio on my TV to make it look better but nothing worked. I hope to get a better transfer. Not sure what the Koch disc is like.

(Farmer_J) #1969

I have the Koch Encyclopedia Box set with Gentleman Killer, and its is much much better presentation than Wild East.

(The Man With a Name) #1970

Thank you. I’ve ordered it but I had to get it second hand since it was too expensive to buy brand new unfortunately. Hopefully it arrives in good condition. It has the uncut version of Taste of Vengeance, as well. Wanted that one for my collection, too. I thought Koch did a great job with no.3. The transfer of Taste of Killing was the best I’ve seen.

(Rutledal) #1971

Anyone know how the Koch Pecos DVDs stand up to Wild East’s Blu-rays?

(Sebastian) #1972

Wild East has BluRays?

(chuck connors brother) #1973

Some people say it looks upscaled, but it looks a lot better than the DVD (haven’t seen the koch DVD), the colours are vibrant and the blacks really nice, it does make it feel very atmospheric, especially in Pecos Cleans Up

(carlos) #1974

A few screens from the latest

(ENNIOO) #1975

Seems weird for me seeing the english name of May God Forgive…on the print as only ever seen the foreign titles :slight_smile:

(Rutledal) #1976

Is the disc out already? I thought it didn’t come out until June.

(Søren) #1977

A couple of minor issues with the Wild East-catalog:

My Name Is Pecos / Pecos Cleans Up has gotten the issue number WE059 and should probably be moved a single place in the list. Also, the cancelled Sartana box set is stated as having the WE057 issue number but that doesn’t make sense anymore as another release has already taken that spot, so perhaps that info should just be dumped?

Also might it not be nicer to also show the non-spaghetti western releases in the overview? Just for the sake of completeness?

(Sebastian) #1978

but it’s #49, by which numbering do we want to order it?

I would agree. How would you include them? Extra section at the bottom?


(Søren) #1979

No, My Names Is Pecos / Pecos Cleans Up is Volume 50 in the SW Collection. His Name Was King / Gunfight as High Noon is Volume 49.

I can see by your cover shots that it seems to be the reverse but I am holding the two releases in my hands and in the end they must have swapped places in the collection.

Personally I would prefer if they were just mixed in with the spaghetti western collection at the right places but it’s your call.

(Sebastian) #1980

OK too bad they don’t even have the correct covers on their own website (don’t get me started about that website). I reversed the two.

As for the others, can you help me out with titles, and order? (doesn’t have to be in this topic, can be an email)

(Sebastian) #1981

With @AvatarDK 's help, the Wild East catalog is now a bit more complete :wink: