Wild East Productions

(Mark) #1942

Arrived! Looking forward to Two Crosses tonight…

(Rutledal) #1943

Could you post some screenshots? If possible

(cronosmantas) #1944

(cronosmantas) #1945

Got my order today. Transfers are pretty good with Garringo the best of the two. Very happy with my purchase :smile:

(Rutledal) #1946

I’d hoped that Two Crosses was the stand out of the set since the German release of Garringo is probably superior, English friendly and already in my collection. Might sit this one out.

(Sebastian) #1947

I wonder if the Garringo material they used is any different from that of Explosive Media, who are releasing it on BluRay next month

(El Indio) #1948

Got my copy of Garringo/Two Crosses For Danger Pass on Wednesday. Wanted to watch them both this weekend but didn’t have time. Looking forward to next weekend.

(JonathanCorbett) #1949

I do not know but what is certain is that in this case they used a Spanish master, so intense red sky during the visions, no opening credits on a black background and ‎a slightly different ending when compared with the Italian version.

(Rutledal) #1950

Might just have to get this one after all then.


I love the job Wild East productions has done. Below is a List of My Wild East Titles
1.Arizona Colt/ Arizona Colt hired Gun ( First is up is Gemma and Second up is Steffen. Score for Arizona colt is classic.
2.The Dirty Outlaws ( Personal top 10, great score, Chip Corman is superb. took me a while to track this one down)
3.Ben and Charlie (Guilano Gemma and George Eastman, unforgetable buddy film, outdoes both Trinity films.
4.Day of Anger Lee Van Cleff and Guilano Gemma, a classic
5.Reverend Colt/ Vegance is A Colt 45 (Starring the excellent Guy Madison, and a cool score)
6.Killer Caliber 32/ Killer Adios ( Sad to see Peter Lee Lawrence die so young. The italian James Dean, but I prefer him to Dean. No questions asked, if he was still alive we’ be talking about him as one of italian best contributions to cinema ever.
7. Fort Yuma Gold (Gemma is worth it alone, although the first thirty minutes or so feel like a war film. Nontheless its worth watching.)

(david collins) #1952

Wild East are now taking pre orders for May God forgive you…Not Me, Massacre at Grand Canyon.

(Rutledal) #1953

Have their discs always been cheaper when you pre-order?

(Søren) #1954

Nice. Already have the old Koch Media disc of Massacre at Grand Canyon which this release probably won’t top !? But May God For Give You… is a nice addition.

(Rutledal) #1955

The old Koch disc is in fake wide-screen though, the image is wide-screen but it’s in a 4:3 frame. Your DVD player will correct it, but if you run the disc on a computer you’ll see what I mean.

(Søren) #1956

Fake widescreen? You mean letterboxed/non.anamorphic widescreen?

But what source will the Wild East-disc use? Many of their releases suffer from various ghosting problems so this might end up with a PAL-NTSC conversion of the Koch Media-version !?

(Rutledal) #1957

That is probably what I mean.

(Søren) #1958

It’s also an ancient release. From 2004 or there about. Strange that Koch Media never re-released it in a proper widescreen version.

(Rutledal) #1959

Maybe they lost the rights, it and Sartana Kills Them All never got re-released.

(Stanton) #1960

Why should they re-release such a forgettable film? :wink:

I think Koch mostly buys the rights only for a short time.

The Koch disc of Massacre at Grand Canyon is indeed in non-anamorphic 1,85:1.

(Sebastian) #1961

After much blood, sweat and tears (just kidding, mainly sore eyes), I am proud to announce that the redesign of the SWDb’s Wild East releases catalog overview page has been completed

What’s changed:

  • Larger covers for the entire catalog
  • Fixed the sorting
  • Works on mobiles, too
  • De-cluttered the whole thing
  • Uploaded a whole bunch of higher res covers of which we didn’t have them

Known problems:

  • Some covers won’t display large due to caching issues, give it time
  • Still need to work in the not-yet-released Sartana box
  • As of yet there is no “alt text”
  • Of a few covers we only have photographs or bad scans, better jpegs would help there, please help out
  • Yes catalogs in this format are a lot harder to edit, I admit. If you have changes to any catalogs formatted like this, feel free to just let me know

Check it out here, and report if you see any problems: http://www.spaghetti-western.net/index.php/Wild_East_DVD_catalog