Wild East Productions

(The Man With a Name) #1922

I really enjoyed The Road to Fort Alamo. It was a pleasant surprise.

(Rutledal) #1923

A Man Called Gringo & The Last Tomahawk can now be pre-ordered for a release date of November 24th (Get from Amazon.com here)

Garringo & Two Crosses at Danger Pass is now December 15th.

(Rutledal) #1924

I got the Daniel Martin double feature in the mail today. The Last Tomahawk is the better looking film of the two, with The Man Called Gringo looking very washed out and over saturated. However the latter does not feature the “double frames” issue that most Wild East releases have because of the cheap NTSC conversion.

(Søren) #1925

The screenshots look like they have been stretched vertically !?

(Sebastian) #1926

If you hover over the pictures there is a symbol to the right to open the full size, but it doesn’t look that much better.

(Sundance) #1927

The images are in 720x480 which is the NTSC DVD resolution (when playing the disc it simply stretches it to the proper aspect ratio).

Neither look good to me and are far from what DVD can offer. For some reason the second one actually reminds me one of those cam rips filmed in theater and then filtered smooth. :stuck_out_tongue:

(ENNIOO) #1928

Yep it looks terrible !

(chuck connors brother) #1929

You can pre-order Garringo & Two Crosses at Danger Pass

(El Indio) #1930

I read they were planning a box set of all five Sartana films. The four with Gianni Garko and one with George Hilton.

(Jonny Powers) #1931

They were, but they cancelled the set. This was in the works back in mid 2014.

(El Indio) #1932

I just attempted to pre-order Garringo/Two Crosses At Danger Pass from Wild East’s website of which I have a log-in password and yet I can’t place an order using a MC or Visa. It automatically defaults to PayPal. I don’t use PayPal. Just don’t like it. Their website even says they accept Visa or MC but there’s no link to switch to credit card for payment. And that’s one of the maddening things about Wild East. I know it’s only a two person operation and all, but it gets frustrating dealing with them sometimes. Whether it’s listing a title as “sold out” on the day of it’s release or just pushing back release dates at the last minute it seems like it’s always something. I guess I won’t be ordering this DVD since they won’t allow me to simply use a major credit card directly.

(Søren) #1933

They accept credit cards through paypal. When I try I do end up at paypal but with an option to either log in to my paypal account and pay OR I can click the “Pay with Debit or Credit Card” … Sounds like the option you’ll have to choose :slight_smile:

(El Indio) #1934

Thanks, it worked. I was afraid to click on Paypal because I wasn’t sure it would bring me to a credit card option but I tried it and it worked (a leap of faith for me) :slight_smile: Thanks again!

(Søren) #1935

No problem. Despite having a paypal account I prefer paying using my Visa card aswell :slight_smile:

(ENNIOO) #1936

Find it easy to put a claim in when using Paypal.

(Rutledal) #1937

Anyone received their disc yet? I’m not a hundred percent on getting this since I have, the surely superior, German disc of Garringo, but if Two Crosses is good enough. If anyone could post screens that be great.

(Sebastian) #1938

… of which a BluRay is even coming :wink:

(cronosmantas) #1939

Has anyone got notice that their Garringo / Two Crosses at Danger Pass DVD has shipped?

(Mark) #1940

I was curious myself as I haven’t received anything. They now have it listed in their “new releases” and catalog sections.

(chuck connors brother) #1941

I haven’t received shipping emails from them since 2013, I just assumed they shipped when the pre order is finished