Wild East Productions

(Yodlaf Peterson) #1882

[quote=“Søren, post:1879, topic:44”]New one coming from Wild East:

Garringo / Two Crosses at Danger Pass

Well Garringo is already out from Explosive Media with the English (and Italian) dub but Two Crosses at Danger Pass is a first as far as I can tell.[/quote] 8)

(the_ugly) #1883

Bah, another W.E. release where I already have one of the movies !!

(Søren) #1884

Pretend it’s a single feature of the movie you don’t have then :slight_smile: Yipee. I also already got Garringo but am certainly picking it up for Two Crosses.

(Sebastian) #1885

What is great about double features is exactly that: in most cases you discover a second movie that you would otherwise not have discovered :slight_smile:

(the_ugly) #1886

I probably will eventually, but itll be low on my list of priorities.
Especially when W.E. have inferior PQ due to PAL–>NTSC conversion

(gringo_bastardo) #1887

Indeed. I too have garringo already(great flick) but never heard about 2 crosses. Will be picking this for sure.

(gringo_bastardo) #1888

Well, postponed to October ::slight_smile:

(Rutledal) #1889

At this point I’d be more surprised if they released something on time.

(ENNIOO) #1890

Ha, ha indeed.

(Stork Vulture) #1891

So how is the picture quality on “Wild and the Dirty”?

Is it close to the German DVD or should I just go the extra mile and import the koch disc?

(Rutledal) #1892

Wild East (top) vs Koch Media (bottom)

Wild East
Pros: English audio, probably cheaper shipping costs, comes with a additional movie (this is the only reason I bought the disc)
Cons: inferior image quality, tracking, seems slightly cropped in some scenes, no extras

Koch Media
Pros: better image quality, includes 30 minute documentary featuring Castellari, Nero and deMasi, hidden Easter Egg karaoke version of the theme song
Cons: no English audio and subtitles are for the German audio version, more expensive

(Stork Vulture) #1893

Thank you, I appreciate it

(Bill san Antonio) #1894

[quote=“Rutledal, post:1892, topic:44”]hidden Easter Egg karaoke version of the theme song[/quote]Really? I got to look for this. :smiley:

(Rutledal) #1895

Yup, if you can’t find it I’ll tell you where its hidden.

(Bill san Antonio) #1896

It was easy to find now that I knew there is such a feature

btw, one more con to Koch version: F***ing ugly cover art. :stuck_out_tongue:

(Sundance) #1897

Does the Wild East disc have the scene missing from the Koch disc? And no. I can’t remember what and where it was. :stuck_out_tongue:

(Stanton) #1898

Really? If we are talking about the same cover (the green one with the crucification), it is one of the best for me.

(Bill san Antonio) #1899

Some of those Koch’s simple, plain covers are pretty cool (Death Sentence, Blindman) but Johnny Hamlet has the ugliest cover I’ve ever seen. Awful gradient colors with figure you can vaguely recognise. I suppose they were aiming for Lardani style but it’s not. It looks cheap and ugly.

(Sebastian) #1900

well all you see for 99% of the time you own it, is the spine :wink:

(Søren) #1901

The spines aren’t that fantastic either :slight_smile: I think Koch Media tend to blow all their cash on content (which is applaudable) and then get some employees kid to do the artwork and design.