Wild East Productions

(Jonny Powers) #1862

Yeah, I emailed them about the shipping, they haven’t gotten the units from the plant and expect them here by Monday, which is when they will be shipped.

(gringo_bastardo) #1863

:smiley: 8)

(Jonny Powers) #1864

I haven’t got a shipment notification, hopefully it’ll come in in the next week

(gringo_bastardo) #1865

I did not get notification either but you check order status@your account in their website.

One seller in UK has been getting rid of his WE collection in ebay but does not seem to ship abroad. Now he has dirty outlaws and reason to live, reason to die listed…

(Jonny Powers) #1866

Just got my WE disc in, looking forward to checking out the films! One thing I did note, however, was the titling of the second feature, Bastards Go Kill Chaco!, which seems to now be titles simply: Chaco. Not enough room for the lengthy title maybe?

(gringo_bastardo) #1867

New wild east release is announced https://www.wildeast.net/coming-soon-c-15/a-man-called-gringo-the-last-tomahawk-p-242.html


No release date yet, and after the troubles getting johnny hamlet out I think it`s better that way.

(Jonny Powers) #1868

Blegh, no interest in either of those :frowning: Seems they’re starting to scrape the bottom in terms of spaghetti’s to release :stuck_out_tongue:

(gringo_bastardo) #1869

Are they that bad? I may well skip this release then, as I`m not WE completist.

(Rutledal) #1870

They’re not awful, but they’re German productions from the dawn of the genre that lack that spaghetti feel. Its a disappointing release considering the kind of films that don’t have a release.

(Mack) #1871

Did anyone else notice a sound artifact in His Name Was King?
As the deputy approaches the door and places his hand on the knob at 01:04:11-12 there is a blare of sound that sounds like rock music.

(Søren) #1872

Is the Pecos double on Bluray from Wild East any good? Just got the Koch Media’s Enzyklopädie 3 where both movies are included but that’s ‘only’ on dvd. Is the Wild East-release cosiderably better looking?

(Bill san Antonio) #1873

Dont’ know about that but does all films in Enzyklopädie 3 have english audio? Or subs?

(Rutledal) #1874

I have all 3 sets, I can check.

(Søren) #1875

Yep all four movies in the set have Italian, English and German dubs aswell as German subs. So pretty sweet :slight_smile:

I haven’t watched the set yet though, just got it :slight_smile: But according to www.ofdb.de and http://www.spaghetti-western.net/index.php/Koch_Media_DVD_catalog/Box_Sets that should be the case.

(Yodlaf Peterson) #1876

[quote=“Søren, post:1872, topic:44”]Is the Pecos double on Bluray from Wild East any good?[/quote]Yep, definitely worth getting.

(Søren) #1877

Thanks :slight_smile: But is it worth getting if you have them both on dvd from Koch Media ? I mean does the HD really ‘shine’ on the Wild East-release?

(gringo_bastardo) #1878

No reason to doubledip as you already own koch box, without seeing I believe koch is good quality release…I do not want to pick koch box for sake of “taste of killing” because have already blood at sundown and pecos flicks on WE releases.

WE quality is good.

If you want if for collecting purpose case is different then…

(Søren) #1879

New one coming from Wild East:

Garringo / Two Crosses at Danger Pass

Well Garringo is already out from Explosive Media with the English (and Italian) dub but Two Crosses at Danger Pass is a first as far as I can tell.

(ENNIOO) #1880

Very nice.

(Col. Douglas Mortimer) #1881

Sounds good. I’m gonna get me some Garringo. One of my favorites.