Wild East Productions

(gringo_bastardo) #1842

Well at least it means it`s not available today as was stated. :-[

As it was postponed before I would not be surprised if release will be cancelled.

(Jonny Powers) #1843

I’d just like a regular release of something or other :-\

(gringo_bastardo) #1844

You propably have checked out already and it`s postponed. Available for preorder now tho and price reduced.

:slight_smile: :-\

(Jonny Powers) #1845

Aw great, another 2 and a half weeks. Well, hopefully Amazon or Diabolik will have a preorder up for a bit cheaper.

(gringo_bastardo) #1846

I ordered it from WE website, 14.95 sounds very good price.

Their shipping cost for 1 disc is cheaper than getting it from amazon. I am not wild east release completist, there is in market still available titles I do not have but this one I want even as usually don`t doubledip for sake of audio. Well, I wish other movie is good too :stuck_out_tongue:

(gringo_bastardo) #1847

How valuable you guys would rate WE “ben and charlie”? There is one in ebay.uk and is movie any good?

(Jonny Powers) #1848

How much for it?

(gringo_bastardo) #1849

(Jonny Powers) #1850

Well, I liked the opening song, story wasn’t so bad either, better than i expected. Dunno if there’s a better version elsewhere, so be aware, it is letterboxed. If not, I’d say grab it, that’s a fair price.

(Rutledal) #1851

It went up £9 just while I looked at it.

(gringo_bastardo) #1852

Price is getting quite heavy. While trailer looks it could be great fun to watch I think I will pass this one. Maybe thai release comes across one day…

Edit;49€ atm, now I am certainly out.

(Angel eyes) #1853

So, What happened to the Sartana box? Will we see it this year?

Angel eyes

(Jonny Powers) #1854

[quote=“Angel eyes, post:1853, topic:44”]So, What happened to the Sartana box? Will we see it this year?

Angel eyes[/quote]

Heard they had rights issues, will probably never see the light of day.

(ENNIOO) #1855

Funny they usually get away with no rights according to what I have read over the years.

(Jonny Powers) #1856

Well, that’s what I read somewhere, guess since it’s several films boxed together?

(ENNIOO) #1857

Yes it could be that…not sure.

(Col. Douglas Mortimer) #1858

VideoAsia seemed to get away with it just fine with the Sartana Saga box.

(ENNIOO) #1859

Yes. Forgot about that set :slight_smile: .

(Yodlaf Peterson) #1860

Everytime I try to order The Wild & The Dirty/ Bastards Go And Kill Chaco! I get a Paypal problem telling me to try later.

I bought the Scales Of Justice that Phil recommended to me in between trying again ok though, I’ll have to give it a go later.

(gringo_bastardo) #1861

Few weeks ago it happened to me too but eventually I managed to pre-order it. Not yet shipped tho, status is still “processing”.

:-\ ::slight_smile: