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Hate is my God
God Will Forgive my Pistol
God is my Colt
Pray to God and Dig Your Grave

Lots of ‘God’ titles have no actual release either.

(cronosmantas) #2145

Did the release of Requiem for Gringo get pulled? The Wild East website says “Sold Out” but I don’t recall it ever going up for sale.


(Jonny Powers) #2146

No idea, it can still be preordered through their preorder page though. Delayed, perhaps?

(Sebastian) #2147

I sent Eric a message to find out what’s going on with that release, and he let me know that it’s just slightly delayed. Once the stock orders are processed it will also show up on Amazon. Just a slight bit of patience amigos :wink:


Fury of Johnny Kidd is out tomorrow. Looking forward to hearing the English dub.

(Nick) #2149

You know what would be nice, a brand new scan of Bandidos. I really want to see that movie get a happy sparkly release and some love.

(The Man With a Name) #2150

I’ve said that myself but Wild East isn’t the company to take care of that. It’s something I’d like to see from Koch or Arrow. I don’t think Wild East would offer us anything better looking than the current DVDs.

(MMcG) #2151

Hi Dean, that is good news as I only have a copy with English subs.
Do you know who is selling it?

(The Man With a Name) #2152

Wild East

(El Indio) #2153

Has anyone here pre-ordered and received the two latest Wild East DVD’s REQUIEM FOR A GRINGO and the Peter Lee Lawrence twinbill A GUN FOR 100 GRAVES/RIDE FOR A MASSACRE ? I pre-ordered them a while ago and according to their website they have been shifted to their “new releases” page which usually means I would’ve received them by now.

(The Man With a Name) #2154

I didn’t receive mine yet.

(Sebastian) #2155

See my earlier comment a few days back. Thread merged

(El Indio) #2156

Thank you Sebastian. For the post by cronosmantas I know from past experience with Wild East, I thought the same thing. I wondered how can it be sold out when it hasn’t even become available yet. But when they list a new title as Sold Out it usually just means everything grinds to a halt. No pre-order available and not carried as Coming Soon either. It’s just kind of in limbo.

(Jonny Powers) #2157

Preordered both as well, not in yet. I’ve faith in WE, they’ve pulled through and sent me their last 5 or so releases which I preordered or ordered on release day

(The Man With a Name) #2158

I don’t mind if it’s late as I know Wild East will always send them out.

(cronosmantas) #2159

My Ride for a Massacre and Gun for a Hundred Graves double feature showed up yesterday. “Ride” is the uncut version that features Spanish horror icon Paul Naschy in the role of Death.

(Bill san Antonio) #2160

Where did you get that info? Naschy is in the film so maybe he played the role of Death too but is it confirmed somehere?

(cronosmantas) #2161

Back of the DVD box artwork states it

(Sebastian) #2162

Amazon links added for both new Wild East releases, which have started shipping


(Jonny Powers) #2163

Mine have just come in!