Wild East Productions

(Søren) #2124

That may be so but their releases are packaged way better than most official release companies manage.

(cronosmantas) #2125

So negative! If it weren’t for these guys my spaghetti western viewership would be cut in half. Licensed releases or not they put a lot of work into them and I’ve seen a ton of films that I would otherwise have never seen

(kevenz) #2126

Don’t get me wrong, I never said that I hate them :slight_smile: I actually own most of their releases and I’m always looking for newer ones.

(The Man With a Name) #2127

Wild East is taking the initiative since Retrovision was unable to deliver. I hope the quality is good.

(Mark) #2128

Yes, hopefully good quality. The “Pecos” blu-ray was a disaster.

(Søren) #2129

Hopefully they also release in a normal size dvd-case to match up with the other releases. The Pecos blu-ray sticks out like a sore eye.

(Sebastian) #2130

ah is that how it was? I thought they did release but only a small number? terrible information policy some of these so-so labels :slight_smile:


RetroVision were meant to release it last June and then nothing happened.

(Jonny Powers) #2132

If this is the case I heard nothing, not from website, facebook, or twitter, nor from the man himself, who when I last contacted told me it was being put on hold. Have you found any copies floating around, Seb?

(The Man With a Name) #2133

I thought I was the only one who cared about that. :slight_smile:

(The Man With a Name) #2134

Carty stopped replying on Facebook. I wanted to know so I could purchase it instantly. He also said there was going to be a Blu-ray of His Name Was King with a documentary that looked pretty interesting.

(kevenz) #2135

both Koch media Pecos look so much better than the blu ray… I sure wasted my money on that blu ray set.

(autephex) #2136

hahahah :sweat_smile:

(Jonny Powers) #2137

WE announced another title, a Peter Lee Lawrence double feature with Gun for 100 Graves and Ride for a Massacre!

(Sebastian) #2138

jup, already added to the database. Apparently they sourced an English audio track for it (not included on the Koch disc)

(The Man With a Name) #2139

Things look good from Wild West at the moment but it’s a pity I already have both films. It’ll be worth it for the English dub but they need to release films without English friendly DVD releases. They should consider another Klaus Kinski double feature or Sartana Does Not Forgive.


Or the big one… El fuckin’ Puro :crossed_fingers:

(Sebastian) #2141

I always thought O Cangaceiro was the big one :wink:

(Mark) #2142

Noticed their ‘blu-ray’ of Requiem for a Gringo is available for pre-order at a whopping $9.95. Less than a buck more after that. Hmm… at least Pecos won’t clean up as much this go around.

(The Man With a Name) #2143

I’d like to see:

El Puro
The Specialists with the full English dub
Death Sentence with the full English dub
The Beast (maybe as a double bill with Black Killer since my DVD could use an upgrade)
Carambola double feature (I have a weird taste, I know)
Taste of Death
Sartana Does Not Forgive
Dakota Joe
Dead Man Ride with the English dub
The Deserter
The second Providence film

To be honest, there’s so many. I wish Arrow or Koch would be able to take the lead with these movies but until then, Wild East is more likely to deliver.

I’m also eager to see Koch or Arrow release Bandidos and Long Days of Vengeance on Blu-ray, as well. I’d also buy another Blu-ray of Vengeance if it had the correct colours. Code Red messes that one up in my opinion.